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  1. Kind of far fetched Im sure but Levine land in first ward would be prime developement potential for an Atlantic Station type development in Charlotte, in my opinion. I bet over the next 3 to 5 years as investers start hacking away at the potential here that Levine will finally sell out and let this no mans land build out. There is just so much potential y'all have up there in Charlotte that y'all have and trust me there are a lot of folks down here in Atlanta that speak highly of Charlotte and its true potential of being on the same stage as metro Atlanta. Both cities thrive off of each other more than y'all realize I think, and there are many that come from Atlanta to hang out in a different vibe in Charlotte all of the time. Especially on the weekends, I also think when compared apples to apples that uptown Charlotte has way more going on at night then downtown Atlanta does when there isn't a big event or convention in town down here
  2. Living in Atlanta for 22 years ive seen a lot and Im going to guarantee you that Southend will build out like midtown Atlanta in the next 15 to 20 years and more than likely it will be more dense than midtown Atl with a great mix of midrise and highrises dotting the southend skyline. Atlanta midtown no longer has the potential than what southend has now in my opinion. I think southend has potential of having a way cooler vibe than midtown Atl. Just need to keep crime rates down in southend because crime in midtown Atl is way on the rise and its starting to get a bad rap from folks here in Atl
  3. Hey yall new to post on up, but have been on here for looking time to time for at least 15 years. Anyways atl got a second hand 200ft wheel out of florida and it not affiliated with the city but privately operated and sits right across from sentinel Olympic Park. Its ok cost about 15 bucks a head and the cars are heated and have AC, but the view is not so good where its situated, cant see much of the skyline. In Charlotte this would big a big hit and if I could pick a perfect spot for it would be in the grassy area right next to BB&T Ballpark. Perfect spot with a great view
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