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  1. Just my opinion, but putting Storyville Gardens in this location isn’t a very good choice. Access is limited, lot of residential surrounding it and visibility from a major interstate is lacking. Plus the high tax base and I’m sure it’s going to be quite expensive
  2. Do you think there’s still life in this project? If so, can we expect them to make some kind of announcement soon? Does it still appear to be as it has previous been ?
  3. Montana Guy, I guess I should have clearified my comments a bit. I agree on your points of the positivity of womens rights , and acceptance of all lifestyles. And I do see a growing caring and positive attitude from many of the youth coming up. I was kinda referring to Baronakim’s experience at the movie theater, as why was it such a big deal in a basically empty room to have assign seats, and in general why things today seem so complicated and unfriendly. I totally like the Nashville Yards concepts and wish the best to EVO and probably be in attendance at this venue. Everyone please pardon me if I seem a bit confused today , as I am recovering from a back injury and the medication seems to effect my thinking a bit.
  4. Baronakim, I am so with you! I guess us “ older folks” on here , have a different view then the young ones. But I do believe that we have a advantage, we were fortunate enough to live in a much better time. A time when children could go to the movies themselves and not have any worries. Or walk alone to a friends house, without fears. When people could actually have peaceful and civil conversation, and wave as you greeted each other at the grocery store. Yes the times are changing, but I’m not sure it’s for the better.
  5. Tony still needs to grab that parking lot to the East at Church & Rosa/8th & Polk. Great place to build Paramount, and lock that node up !!!
  6. Yep, there’s another topic that just makes no sense to me. Cities are expected to be bright, exciting and lively!! This light pollution B.S is nonsense. If the bright lights of the city bother anyone, then they need to not be in the city. That’s what places like Wyoming are for, the reclusive.
  7. I guess it all depends on the situation, and the way it’s perceived. Take for instance our beloved “Batman” , without the spires it would be just another 28 story office building, square glass box. But the spires and slanted roof make it sorta iconic, show anyone its picture, and they know its Nashville. PillowTalk4, the last picture above is a beautiful building. Something like that would be perfect for the parking lot site at KVB and 2nd .
  8. SubKyle, agree. I know many might disagree with me, but I still hold out hope that some rendition of “Siggy” will eventually come back. I’m not saying it will be the same as the original, but will have a big influence from it.
  9. I think you really have something there, the iconic towers of past ( Empire State, Chrysler..etc) were the works of the elites of the day. They spared no cost to promote their wealth and status in the world. Today’s mighty and elite, are all Penny counters and self absorbed and could care less if they make a statement with architectural achievements. It’s a different world today then in the so called “hey days” of yesteryear. Baronakim, feel free to lend your perspective of this, I love to read your informative insights to the world of architecture.
  10. Maybe , because another building would take away the thunder from the iconic Batman. And some might be hesitant to do so. I’m all for crowns and distinct shapes to buildings , and IMO Nashville needs more of them.
  11. After just reading that the new residential building at 1805 Church st , has a 100.2 million dollar construction loan, I’m thinking that Storyville Gardens probably isn’t going to happen. They are fooling themselves to think their even going to get a phase 1 done for the 300 million they claim they have. If they are obviously starting with raw land, the infrastructure and site prep alone will take a big chunk ( if not all) of that , and their planning 3 hotels, a entertainment village and a few attractions for first phase . Not going to happen, plus the purchase of the land itself needs to factor into it. I like the idea, and would love to see a theme park in our area, but I’m really starting to have my doubts,about this project. I agree with T-hog that in order for this to come to fruition , they will probably need north of one billion! I think as Smeags has mentioned before, that they are in over their heads. It’s just a matter of time (probably not long) before this fades into the sunset and we no longer hear about it.
  12. If they are looking for investors , then they need to be more forthcoming with information. They need to build up the momentum, get their PR company to promote this a hell of a lot better then they are currently doing. Most people around here, don’t even know about this project. I was just at a event with some long time area business folks , and they haven’t even heard of this. I truly believe that the people behind this, need to announce the location (at least the intended one) and the tentative plans and vision and flood the market so unless you live under a rock , your going to know about this. Investors are not going to get behind a lack luster, hush-hush , unknown kind of thing. If investors can see a hugh interest from the community and the want is strong , then it will become more of a sure thing in their eyes. I mean think about this for a moment, without knowing the intended location, they don’t even know what kind of pushback that the community will have. It seems to be not on any area planning commission agenda ( not that has been done in public meeting) and definitely not in the news. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for this happening, the vision and desire are good. But the excitement and execution are lacking.
  13. This has definitely become a passionate “vocal” topic, and we don’t even know the plans or intentions of the owners! In some ways I’m hopeful that they just leave it as is, I wouldn’t want this forum with all our friends and neighbors, to become divided to the breaking point it seems is developing. It’s a hard call , both “sides” of this discussion are valuable points and both have merit. It’s a great feeling to see the passion everyone here has for both Nashville and it’s buildings . We are collectively a unique and special breed of individuals, that found each other though that passion and to me feels like family. I thank you all .
  14. … or is it extra weight? In reality it’s just taking the raw material, that is already part of the earth and converting it into something else. My weird thing is, if the earth is balanced by the force of gravity compressing all the natural gases, then what’s going to happen when mankind sucks all those gases out and nothing is replacing it.
  15. Thanks Bos2Nash for this information and perspective. Knowing how Tony G likes to think outside the norms , I’m holding out hope this will be a stunning design. I think he will come back over 50 stories, in a “pencil” sorta design cue. He might even push the over 700 feet spectrum. At least, that’s my hope .
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