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  1. We all want to see a solid robust transit system, it is definitely needed. But the interstates are also a much needed infrastructure that needs improvement. Transit systems are great for moving people around that live and work in downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. But this whole Middle Tennessee region is a mega logistical hub, and tourist destination. You will always have commercial truck traffic and tourists driving in for their vacations. The interstate infrastructure is inadequate for the use it is now subjected too. As noted earlier in this thread, getting this type of traffic out of the central downtown area is probably the best solution. As PHofKS and others have suggested, building a “outside loop” would be the best avenue to pursue. Nashville is now getting some major players ( Oracle,Amazon, GM...etc) with substantial job growth. It’s time to get the infrastructure ( including interstates and transit) improved and installed to handle the tremendous growth.
  2. Oh... my heart is racing just thinking about that!!! then let’s not forget, 2nd & Peabody, The Ritz, Circle South , the possible 600+ footer in NY , The Reed District and what ever comes along on the Beaman site. Not to even mention the possibility of the East Bank!!
  3. ^^^^^I’ll second that thought ^^^^ A BIG THANKS to Ron,Mark,Bob and everyone else ! You all have made this the best reading on the internet. Bless you ALL!
  4. Without question Paramount is the hands down top project! Question for the holder of the magic 8 ball. if things don’t work out as planned for the 2nd & Peabody , would it be a possible thing for them to purchase the parking lot at KVB and 2nd in front of the Centric? That would be a awesome site!
  5. With all due respect , no matter what the circumstances were in the past or how things unfolded. The interstates in Metro and all of Middle Tennessee are not no longer adequate for the amount of traffic they need to handle. Something has got to be done ... like yesterday.
  6. Maybe Arnold’s could move across to Paseo , once it’s complete and it’s retail is open. Win for him with the amount of money he’s going to get for current property and a win for all of us , because it will still be the best meat and three!
  7. That’s a really good idea! That and bnacincy’s idea with I-840 north loop would both help tremendously.
  8. WOW! If you sit back and daydream a little, and visualize the projects that hopefully will soon be coming, like AEG, the rest of Nashville Yards, Gibson tower, the two Tony G buildings possible third Tony G building and maybe a few towers on the Highlands site. This area is going to be rocking!
  9. Well then , I stand corrected. I guess it’s many factors that played out to give motorists that mess. Anyway and anyhow it came about, it needs to be addressed. It might have been adequate at that time back in the ‘60’s , but it’s barely usable now. As I said many time on different treads , the old Nashville is gone , time to start thinking like a big city and get the infrastructure fixed ASAP .
  10. Is it at all possible that the delay in restarting tower two, could be because they are redesigning for a larger building? With the rumors floating around , that Amazon might be thinking of a larger operation in Nashville, maybe even if the tower across Church St becomes a 50-60 story building it might not be enough.
  11. Absolutely!!! It would be worth every penny spent.
  12. As a former professional driver ( 45 years , accident free) I can verify that. That whole mess of I-24 /I-40/ I-440 is a very sorry excuse of a interstate interchange, who ever designed that was either on drugs or just didn’t know what the hell they were doing! And Tdot engineers should be ashamed of themselves for even going along with it. They really need to redesign that whole thing, even if it means stacking and flyovers. No two interstates should merge and crisscross as these do. Plus they need to clear away ALL the damn rock outcropping to create better visibility to upcoming traffic conditions. This alone would eliminate half of Nashville’s traffic nightmare. Middle Tennessee is a huge logistical hub, and getting bigger . You are not going to reduce the amount of truck traffic no matter what public transit ever comes along, it’s only going to increase. I know a lot of people, don’t like to talk of more roads, but sometimes it’s necessary.
  13. Totally agree!!! I don’t want to get completely off topic or make this conversation a political rant fest, just my opinion. I was born and raised Catholic, all my children also. I have a gay son , that I can’t love more or be more proud of!! He’s a loving , caring , very successful business man , who would do anything for you or anyone else. I’m just getting sick and tried of people and lawmakers who feel that if someone is not their idea of perfect and don’t fit in to their belief, then it’s ok to just keep making up laws to suppress and limit those individuals. We are all humans, we all have different ideas and lives, but we are not to judge others. Why has it become so hard , for people to just respect and accept others and listen to them.
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