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  1. I vote for the DDI , regardless of how much ROW there is. I like their efficiency and lack of confusion.
  2. Question- isn’t all the remaining buildings going up on the west side of 10th all on and connected via a elevated plaza level with parking below … ie upper and lower 10th.? So if it is , wouldn’t they likely want to build it all at once? Wouldn’t it make more sense, then to do it piecemeal and have to do somethings more then once? Just wondering, any insight would be appreciated.
  3. Oh wow! Don’t want you getting into any trouble…. But ? Do any of these have anything to do with the rumors of corporate relocations ? morsels …. Crumbs …. Hints.. please wizard shake the 8 ball !! well then, that just ruin my day! Ha ha , jk it’s all good .. moving on.
  4. Wait!!! What? Where you hearing about these towers?
  5. My Dad always told us that “ there’s a place for everything, and everything in its place” . How true those words seem now. As I mentioned before on this topic , Downtown Nashville isn’t a open amusement park, nor are its streets the proper place for reveling and “partying “ in this manner. There’s plenty of bars and nightclubs available to do whatever you want and that’s the place it needs to stay. If that’s your cup of tea , then by all means go ahead and do your thing. Not saying anything about that, but please respect others and especially respect the residents that call Downtown home.
  6. I’ve been thinking about this a bit. The gulch is going to get bigger? Sorta a figure of speech? And CandyAisles is in the know? That’s making me think it has something to do with the AEG development or NY in general. Is Amazon 3 going taller then expected? Or the buildings in the entertainment district? Or am I completely off base and thinking in the wrong direction?
  7. Oh you guys are really dangling a carrot! Trying to figure out what this might be about, but can only come up with boundaries and what is being considered The Gulch. I’m sorry that I can’t make it this time to the meet. I’ve been called out of state till next week.
  8. They have the capital to do something like this? it would seam that in order not to worry so much about ROI the developers would need to fund this themselves, banks would be to nervous to lend if they didn’t have a sure thing.
  9. Welcome, TheSound . That’s a very good and logical idea! Never thought of it that way, sorta hope that’s the case, if it’s going to be short buildings then make it a MAJOR company with exceptional architecture.
  10. A couple weeks ago, I jokingly made a sarcastic remark , about this property being a hub for all those crazy transportainment vehicles. WOW … I wasn’t to far off!! This has kept me up all night, I’m so upset with this news. If at any time I wish for that magic 8 ball to be wrong , this is it!!
  11. Really, we all have been waiting decades for Beaman to sell , so we could see something wonderful in its place . And this is what all those years of wishing and dreaming comes to? I’m in shock!!! Please don’t tell us that the Reed development is going to be a five story doctors office.
  12. Is this a joke? Is it April 1st? Come on , somebody please wake me from this horrible nightmare! Seriously this is not funny , it’s down right sickening! This site deserves nothing less then two 40 stories or higher.
  13. Another fairly good looking building in what’s becoming a dense neighborhood. Makes me chuckle though, when I think about how right across the interstate they can’t even get a 8 story building passed , without reducing to 5 stories. I know…. I know , I’m beating a dead horse, but this fear of heights is really ridiculous!
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