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  1. Exactly, what I'm thinking. It's time to consider other sites. Between SOF and Mayor Cooper , the Fairgrounds can be held up for years
  2. Shh.....we all need to be quiet. If Mayor Cooper hears about this ... you know he's with them save our parking lots crowd.
  3. IMO... Mayor Cooper is one of them , old Nashville , save our fairgrounds, anti-growth, stuck in the last century guys. He is showing us all, he's on that team. He is going to do whatever he can , to bring this growth to an end. This is a sad situation.
  4. I know you all will think I'm completely crazy, but there's 1400 acres available at the Nashville super speedway site . Complete with a nascar approved racetrack, and a 4 lane interstate interchange. Mr.Ingram and NSC , can make a deal to operate both venues, build some hotels and restaurants and rake in the benefits. This place is just sitting there ready to go. Right on the Wilson/ Rutherford county lines. Two of the fastest growing counties in the MSA . Think about it, most major cities have there sporting venues outside of the core. Heck , there's even room for an amusement park/ state fair.
  5. It’s way more then just this MLS deal, Cooper is going to derail so much more. Don’t you think anyone and everyone that are looking to invest in Nashville , is paying close attention to the way that he is . Is there anyway to remove him from office before his term is up? If not , this might become the end of Nashville’s glory days.
  6. Mayor Cooper , might just be the single person who puts the stick in the wheel of progress.
  7. Maybe this could be the planned hotel that Mark McDonald is set to build at 1001 16th Avenue.
  8. Don’t see this in Lebanon, tower crane going up for new expansion of Royal Canin plant.
  9. Hello everyone, first time poster. Been following for a few months. Anyway, I see this trail west site and I’m thinking. Wouldn’t this be a great spot for an 18 (maybe 20, with bonus ) story building , like the new Graduate Hotel. The design , with the brick work and the details would blend in nicely with the buildings on Broadway.
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