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  1. Yeah, I’m thinking that might be. However I’m hoping that they will go up together. I say this because, it’s been said that the developers want to wrap up ALL of Nashville Yards by the end of 2025. And if you think about it , not sure Pinnacle Bank or any other tenants in that tower , would want to do business with construction of the other towers right outside the doors. Makes more sense to get it all done at the same time, especially with the lower levels of parking and the plaza area connecting.
  2. I remember that clearly, there was also the enclosed “drive-In” movie attraction. I think all three should be included in a family entertainment area on the East Bank. No honky tonks, no adult only venues, just a area for everyone to enjoy. Interconnected with greenways and bike paths, with artworks and picnic areas etc. NOT A THEME PARK , a entertainment area.
  3. It has taken a while, but it’s actually starting to look like something is getting ready to be built here. Seemed as if they were just pushing dirt around for the longest time, but now it’s getting exciting! Any word on permits issued for actual construction to begin? also, is it known if all three towers here will be built at the same time?
  4. I also believe Miami has one of the best skylines , but as I’ve said before they are building a epic tragedy. I lived in Florida for a long while, lived though Andrew, seen first hand the roads it pulled right out of the ground, the steel of “Safe” buildings twisted like they were yarns and that’s what was left after the concrete was stripped away and tossed. Not to mention the millions of new residents that they can’t get out in time , no matter how much they try. The infrastructure just will not handle that kind of evacuation. I know you all have heard it before, but the “BIG ONE “” is coming, hell even another Andrew will cause substantial damage to these high rises if hit head on . It’s a known fact that even at 200 feet elevation difference the wind velocity can be 2x more then at the surface. Once the glass gets blown out , it’s pretty much over. Remember also the Florida aquifer which is pretty much under most of the state. The destabilizing effects of a massive land falling hurricane, will cause multiple sinkholes and and the massive storm surge will erode the pilings that make up the foundational footing these buildings rest on. It all looks beautiful and flashy as it sits now, but I’m betting on Mother Nature. We all know first hand what the forces of wind and water can do, it’s just a matter of time
  5. Please don’t pass judgement, I nor any of my parters, would not just “toss” anyone out. We have always worked with tenants, to ensure that they find good affordable housing and have even assisted to help them . Human decency is always at the forefront of any transaction. We buy, renovate, and sell or lease housing and small businesses throughout Middle Tennessee, we live here, and love all our neighbors. We have improved neighborhoods , not destroyed them. And I’m confident that a developer of Somera’s caliber , will address the issues and work to find the best solution for all involved.
  6. @Melroseget the picture, you like this guy. That’s fine , but you shouldn’t let your emotions get in the way of what is fact. If Somera bought and owns the property, they have all the legal right to ask the tenants on their property to vacate. It doesn’t matter how long they have lived there. I know this because I’m a investor with others that buy and sell in Nashville, for what it’s worth we have had to ask tenants to vacate property several times. This is business, all these new projects we see daily are investments , the owners are entirely in their rights to develop a parcel to the zoning that’s in place
  7. I recently seen a post on SSP that mentioned how eerily quiet the development news in Nashville has been. I’m starting to get that same feeling. It was going along at such a pace , it was hard to take it all in. Now we really haven’t had anything in weeks. Not even the much anticipated new updates on the NY project, which were expected “any day now” . So I ask the holder of the magic 8 ball and all the wizards out there… WHAT’S UP!!!
  8. Absolutely! A completed I-840 is needed to link all of the Metro together. It certainly will ease some of the congestion in Downtown, not just for truckers but traveler’s passing through also. Driving West on 1-40 , but need to pick up I-65 north ? Well then , 1-840 north from Lebanon to I - 65 in White House makes a lot of sense. Same holds true for for East bound , and vise versa. With projects like Ford’s Blue Oval City in Jackson , with truck traffic to and from the Northern Midwest factories it just makes it easier for a lot of reasons. Plus as stated, opening up a huge potential for our northern counties for development. Also as a side note, the logistics hub that is quickly coming to be along I-840 , from Lebanon to Murfreesboro is a prime example of the need for a faster route to the North.
  9. ^^^^your absolutely right, I can’t wait to see what they have planned on those sites! When it was announced that GBT was involved with the Beaman site , I almost dropped my I-pad !! My hands still sweat, when I think about what can be. Hopefully it’s as fantastic as their other projects .
  10. Sometimes , I have these thoughts and debate if I should comment. And sometimes I just put it out there !
  11. I have a question, regarding the height limitations and how it works. It’s been said that Nashville is capped at 750’ because of the FAA and the flight path of the airport. So is that for occupied floors or total height? I’m curious if a crown or spire , would be included. Also, can a developer exceed this limit, if they can get insurance on it. I ask , because I was sitting here looking at some old stuff of mine. And a article about Signature Tower came up, the original plan was 1030 feet ! And was scheduled to be built, if not for the recession of 2008 which of course canceled it. And does it matter in what location a structure is built? We all know Nashville isn’t flat , so a building that’s 750’ atop of a higher elevation could be the same as a building that is 850 ‘ that’s in a lower elevation. From what point are they measuring? It’s not sea level , is it?
  12. I know a bunch of us say it for every building, but seriously this one would’ve been amazing if it was taller! Don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome as it is . Just daydreaming here .
  13. obviously , living space is much needed. And once NY residential is built , these two towers of Tony G’s are going to be lost and hidden . Only logical to build taller !
  14. Right now it looks kinda uniform, should we start seeing the cube effects with the next few levels?
  15. Great shot! It does show, how even in the Central Core density isn’t to its full potential. Lots of empty space, sad to see how many surface parking lots still remain. The lot in front of Cummins Station, is prime for a large tower (s) .
  16. This is going to be a very exciting area of Downtown! Can’t come fast enough. I’m not that tech savvy, first time I’ve ever tried to post a image. Sorry it’s not that great.
  17. Looks like a plan ! I also daydream a lot about what the future of Nashville can look like. How about using your map and instead of waiting on the impossible with CSX , they just go ahead and build light rail or monorail lines. I really believe that building commuter lines needed to start long ago, and waiting is really not a option. We all know what’s coming down the pike as far as development goes, as long as there’s no major disruption insight it’s just going to keep building. If nothing gets done soon , expect 2-3 hour commute times in the near future. PS .. you forgot to assign a color for the one and only existing commuter rail line.. the WEGO STAR , from Lebanon to Downtown.
  18. Great idea! I’m not a engineer, so not sure on cost or structural elements of a retractable. Probably right on cost. I’ve been at AT&T stadium with the roof , both opened & closed . It’s pretty awesome!
  19. Yes, I’m with you on that. So something similar to Hard Rock Stadium would work fine. But if they continue to use Nissan for other non sporting events, a roof would help. Maybe since the other events would fall under the umbrella of the visitors & convention folks, maybe they can tap into that piggy bank!
  20. They really have to figure a way , to come up with the 400 million to put a roof on . If they really want this to be on par with current stadiums in the NFL and have a great game day experience. And it’s not used just for Titan’s games. It’s also used for other activities including concerts.. ie CMA fest. It’s not cool to have money invested in such things , and have it canceled because of weather or being there getting rained on.
  21. Since it’s is going to be a “ ground up” rebuilding of the East Bank. Maybe it’s a good idea to incorporate the first “ leg” of a transit plan. As we mentioned before, a link between the airport and downtown, like a monorail etc.. seems this would be a great opportunity to kickstart such a plan. Then maybe some kind of link to run up or parallel to Broadway/. West end all the way to 440 or beyond.
  22. Can you drop us a few bits of info from this article? Lots of links on here, but there all behind these paywalls.
  23. This is a beautiful tower! I’m very hopeful that Nashville will get a classic like this at the Tishman-Spayer site! The height and mass should be very close. Fingers crossed!
  24. That will be a awesome vantage point , say in about 4-5 years.
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