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  1. I do not care for the man, but I wish this had been built.
  2. Space at 3 wells will eventual be taken up by Wells, at least I would think given their space issues.
  3. Hopefully just on hold. I mean between Trade Joes and Target, there is a lot of potential here.
  4. Not all, but a lot of that parking could eventually be redeveloped.
  5. That Tremont Property is a nice piece of property. Something really cool is going to go there I bet.
  6. Anyone know anything about whats going to go on the current Sycamore property?
  7. I am not sure what has changed here since September.
  8. I suspect they know redevelopment is coming soon.
  9. They have been having some issues looking from Southend in.
  10. The stadium creating shade? Or better light flow through the office sections vs the garage sections when just natural daylight?
  11. I hope tower 4 is announced soon. I imagine there is something Residential already designed, but COVID has prevented announcement.
  12. Any thoughts on whether these jobs will stay in the Southpark area, or move uptown or to Southend?
  13. I feel like it is the windows missing some sort of bordering. The windows are just inserted into what looks like drywall from a far distance.
  14. I mean we have two projects like that? Our Spirit Square redevelopment: and our gateway station redeveloment.
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