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  1. There is a rumor in Wells they are looking for more Office Space here too... One Wells is being vacated, and DEC is being added too, but it leaves a few 100'000 sqft gap, on top of the fact during covid 1500 jobs were added in the charlotte area, and there were already close to 700 in We Works around the city. Also, given Charlotte is a Compliance/Risk Hub location, and they are moving people from Cities like Atlanta (Dallas is a Hub too) into the Hubs, expect even more people here in the city once work from home ends.
  2. Honeywell supposedly wants a full return to the Office. (probably on hold right now like everyone else). They were likely to build a second tower right? If they do return to Office you all think they will go forward with Tower 2?
  3. That land will likely start getting developed in the next 5 years right? That the Pipe and Foundry land.
  4. Small building elevators aren't too bad from a Maintenance stand point. I worked with Otis a lot on smaller facility elevators and a PM contract would run a 1000 or 2000 a year.
  5. I mean, the church is tax free, so gentrification shouldn't push them out due to raising tax rates. they likely owned the land and sold. Hopefully the church will build a new church.
  6. I think it sets more precedent. Which is useful.
  7. Definitely a good counter point. However, Big Railyards like this close to cities have a tendency to be re-developed. Nashville Yards, Schuylkill Yards, Hudson Yards... however there is a huge amount, if not all, of private development. Maybe that could happen here? Having the Edges all distributed out to private development and the center be a giant public park.
  8. Nice, any idea on a start date? Does it have retail on the ground? Any Idea on the platform start date?
  9. How did they get the same person ten different times in the same photo? Or is that a photoshop?
  10. Anybody hear anything about the South End Lidl?
  11. I put this in the South End thread, but probably belongs here. 12 story Senior retirement complex has broke ground at 727 E. Morehead St.
  12. Not really South End, but the start of the Morehead building explosion has begun. 12 story senior retirement complex has broken ground https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/08/03/senior-living-community-breaks-ground-morehead-st.html
  13. Honestly, there should be ten condo towers going up in South End right now. Even if they are mixed use luxury type things. Durham is building Condos all over.... Durham. There is no reason we cant have One City Center type high-rises with a rental/condo mix, or more 5 store boutique condo projects. We just need more density.
  14. I wonder if they would have a storefront in these cases. With Amazons most popular products.
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