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  1. Rumor is they are going to go on Building 2 on Spec.
  2. I am sure your driveway guys know how to work around the tight constraints of this project.
  3. 220 Acres of Green Space in this location with dense zoning around the edges would be very trans-formative.
  4. I was told that work stopped on this forum! Could the internet have lied to me?
  5. Aren’t they having trouble getting a mls team?
  6. I missed it, is it taller, can I see it from my house lol!!
  7. It would be nice it it was taller than Ally, then I could see it from my window.
  8. Curiously, especially for everyone saying they won’t build towers in the future, they just finished their first tower in St. Louis and are starting a second one . . .
  9. I mean . . . It was still an 88% acceptance rate
  10. UNC Charlotte and Davidson are going to become a feeder schools for Centene as well I would imagine. UNCC is going to become an even stronger university. I would imagine in the next ten years we see them fly up the rankings.
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