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  1. I know it’s named after a brand, but I always thought Sycamore Station had a nice ring to it
  2. TD does have a corporate presence here. It’s mostly call center, but there are a growing number of risk and control positions. Nothing like what Citi or SVB are hunting for though
  3. The rail trail bridge will connect here right? I expect if it does we will see it get filled out
  4. Scaling back means going from 200 billion in origination to about 170 billion
  5. Another 1000 units in SouthEnd. It is really adding up. I would be curious to see the density levels in SouthEnd compared to our peer cities. It might be one of the higher density areas in the whole country 10 years from now.
  6. The new buildings floor plates are likely more usable
  7. I meant the square labeled residential to the bottom left of the old Senior tower, not above. It looks like there is no separate deck which led me to believe apartment tower with podium parking area B2 residential
  8. Is the square to the left a new tower? I do t remember that on the old plans
  9. Any news if they will put a crossing in before construction starts?
  10. If you were facing East that is a 200+ apartment unit.
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