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  1. Winterizing costs the generating companies money and reduces profits. They figure this only happens about every 10 or so years so why bother. A little short term pain for some real long term gains. In this particular situation the renewable energy generators almost delivered all the power they said they would. It was coal and gas plants that failed. You could have had enough back up gas fired plants as you could dream up. When the we’ll head freezes and the pressure in the pipelines drops - no gas for generation. Texas brought this on themselves by having their own grid and refusing to
  2. It is supposed to be located in Arrington. The website for the developer is : themotorenclave.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I have done a few curbside pickups at Home Depot lately, once on a Saturday and once during the week. I am amazed at the number of people not wearing masks, both employee and patrons. I am also sure that you couldn't social distance in the store based on the number of cars in the lot and people entering the store. It is a little disheartening to see people not even make an effort to wear a mask. There were parents there and the kids had masks on but the parents didn't. I applaud Costco for taking a stand. Wearing a mask is a small gesture of kindness to your fellow citizens, plus if 80%
  4. I agree the service is hit or miss at Smokin Thighs. They do serve Kool-aid and a dump truck of wings! I prefer the wings at Moe’s Original BBQ in Cool Springs.
  5. Per the St. Louis FED website, for 2018 the GDP for Atlanta, Charlotte, and Austin are as follows: Atlanta: 397B Charlotte: 169B Austin: 147B
  6. I work over in one of the warehouse buildings adjacent to the new Amazon worksite. From what my boss told me, our building sustained roof damage along with many windows being blown out. At least it is still standing. The new warehouse to our south was destroyed along with half of the warehouse adjacent to our building. This is all just north of the Under Armour warehouse. Thankfully this happened at 1am and not 1pm when the buildings would have been full.
  7. Here is the map you were asking for.
  8. In the Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit for the site, the site plan lists the building as 92' in height with a total of 3,600,000 square foot of which 3,520,000 is warehouse and 80,000 is office. The trees that remain on site are in the areas where the streams and wetlands will be filled in and the comment period for that ends in January.
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