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  1. Lynnhaven has a few stores listed as coming soon: Coastal Edge, Family Sports Cave, Mezeh, and a jewelry store. My guess is this may be the Coastal Edge. Seems like it will have an exterior entrance similar to their Pembroke location.
  2. They’ve been selling everything. Going all in on hotels it seems.
  3. The building at Duke & Grace was sold late last year to the same company that did the Atlantic Permanent Building. Considering it’s the same company and the trend of apartment conversions, it seems likely that’s what going to happen there as well.
  4. I don’t believe it was ever anything more than an unsolicited proposal. Most recent article I can find about it was from June 2020 and said the city adopted a guidebook for Oceanfront development over the next decade that essentially left Rudee Loop TBD. It talked about Smith’s proposal but no indication that it was even being considered.
  5. Are there any dates indicating when the RFQ was posted? The description is almost word for word Bruce Smith’s proposal, as reported in a Pilot article in January 2020.
  6. Inside Business reporting in their public records summary that Tesla has signed a lease for the former Priority Ford location on Military Highway near the Little Creek intersection.
  7. Suburban Capital Suburban Capital Portfolio
  8. Came across a couple of renderings for Oceanfront apartment buildings. First is 250 units located immediately north of the Harris Teeter and on both sides of Baltic, connected by pedestrian bridges. Next I believe is currently Beach Tower at 3330 Pacific. I’ve heard the owners have been considering adding a few floors and converting to apartments.
  9. The annexations of the past wouldn’t be the same as this though. They would still be part of the county in this hypothetical situation.
  10. The Lottery Board approval process has been known since the bill was being considered in the General Assembly. All of the other casino projects are going through that process now and have been reported as such.
  11. The mall site has multiple owners. Other than the parking around Kohl’s, the portion controlled by this owner is pretty throughly planned. Whatever agreement they have in place with Kohl’s may prohibit them from developing the remaining parking lot.
  12. I don’t disagree but wasn’t the referendum site specific? I imagine a different site would require the process would essentially restart the entire process. In regards to redeveloping the city jail, the past plan to move the inmates to the regional jail will need to be rethought as the regional jail is likely being shut down.
  13. Here they are in case anyone wants to reference back. State of the city is Thursday so I would expect to hear something there if the images were any indication of progress on the project.
  14. Screen grab of a rendering for Mosaic taken during the State of the City today. Official groundbreaking is soon although work has already started. Didn’t catch any major announcements but I also skipped through a lot of it.
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