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  1. That’s been out for awhile. This one is more updated although not as fleshed out.
  2. The Downtown Plan 2030 Planning for the various sections of Downtown. Focus is on resiliency, Fort Norfolk, MacArthur Center, St. Paul’s, and Harbor Park. Interesting exclusion of the new CHKD tower.
  3. The one in Norfolk is not officially ‘Indian gaming’ that would require federal approval. That being said, my understanding is that if they are not selected as the Richmond casino operator, going the federal route will still require an agreement with the state, assuming they even pass all of the federal hurdles. It’s certainly a longer process and not a guarantee which is why they opted for the commercial route once it became available. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act would be the relevant law for the federal route. And of note, they are the only federally recognized tribe that could operate a casino in Virginia under this law as the others all agreed not to operate casinos as part of their federal recognition.
  4. MacArthur is no longer shown on Starwood’s website. The link from Google gives a “page not found” message. https://starwoodretail.com/lease-from-us/properties/macarthur-center
  5. Building 1 is Virginia Beach Oceanfront Hyatt House. Building 2 was originally planned as Hyatt Place but didn’t happen.
  6. That project is Hyatt House which at one point did include a Hyatt Place where the apartments are nearing completion. Hourigan has some social media posts regarding the project as well. Unfortunately just construction photos but states Hyatt Place with 13 levels and 140 keys.
  7. Suburban Capital’s website has two Oceanfront hotel projects marked as under development: Hyatt Place & Moxy. This project is the Hyatt Place and Moxy is the former Baymont at 12th Street.
  8. I’m not obsessed with height but this was pitched as a marquee project. This redesign lowers the bar. Without context it looks fine but for its location and what the project was initially touted as, it’s a step down. It doesn’t appear that the narrative has been updated so it’s unclear what the project will consist of beyond office space.
  9. Updated Hanbury Renderings Maybe it’s not dead but these renderings appear to be a massive reduction in height. The city would be much better off waiting until there is demand for the tower as originally proposed.
  10. A little speculation here but a national tenant described as ‘retail and distribution’ has signed a lease for around two-thirds of the former Farm Fresh at JANAF. Lots of media about Amazon Fresh expanding aggressively despite only a handful open. Seems to be right in the range of the other locations that have been announced. Edit: Let’s try this link…
  11. Any word of additional tenants here? It seems they’ve done really well leasing up the apartments but the retail and office leasing seem to be sluggish. It does appear site work has started on the next block.
  12. Asdfjkl;

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Google says the Tinee Giant on E Brambleton. The reviews confirm the move and they aren’t good. I’m curious why they didn’t move it to the HRT station on St Paul’s as originally announced.
  13. Asdfjkl;

    Norfolk Pictures

    That’s Novel Coworking & the Virginia Maritime Building is behind it across from Slover. Nearly every building surrounding MacArthur Square has been renovated in recent years. Don’t think much will be changing in this picture for awhile.
  14. d’Art Center is moving to a new location on Bousch Street with 14 apartments above. Additional renderings - WPA 740 Boush Street
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