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  1. Digging into the archives…I believe my point was that the process will take awhile. I’m not going to go back to the old posts but my assessment is essentially in line with Mr. Egelanian’s. If you watched the clip the reporter mentions that Egelanian believes Lynnhaven & Patrick Henry are the only malls that will continue in their current form - that’s generally the consensus in the industry & what I’ve been saying. Our main disagreement is timing. The cost of redevelopment coupled with insufficient office & retail rents to support those costs will force a slow redevelopment process. The pending foreclosures will only lengthen the process for those two malls.
  2. Paywall but construction should start later this month with completion in Summer 2023. https://www.costar.com/article/591150464/marathon-development-gears-up-for-next-downtown-norfolk-apartment-project
  3. Nice to see Monument doing some ground up development.
  4. Maybe at least read the comments in the forum before posting? It would have answered your question.
  5. What in the world? You created a profile to respond to a nearly three year old comment…
  6. Definitely not significant.
  7. A tribal casino still requires state approval - which will include taxes on the gambling revenue. There’s also no guarantee the federal government signs off on their site.
  8. We all knew it was going to get scaled back. Personally, I’ll take the current Norfolk design over the Danville design.
  9. The former Farm Fresh in Downtown has been sold. No specifics but it was purchased by TCC “to expand their presence within the project.” Press Release
  10. The cities generally work very well together and cooperate across the board with plenty of examples. The emergency service agreements are very common. It’s unfortunate that the few cases where they didn’t work together are essentially the only examples highlighted. And we certainly are much more than a military town. IMO our backbone is our port, without it we wouldn’t have the military presence. Defense spending, ports, and tourism are the big 3 with the offshore wind projects already being discussed as #4 (great example in action of the cities working together).
  11. It appears the property sold last month to CCB Railyard LLC, who is listed on the website as one of the partners. Hopefully this means they will be starting soon but seems at least a positive indication that it’s still planned.
  12. Hearing that site work has begun on a Carvana vending machine on South Boulevard. The site is directly across from the Franklin Johnston apartment project that is under construction.
  13. At 35 years old it probably doesn’t qualify for historic tax credits like many of the other buildings that have been repurposed. Without those, it’s almost certainly cheaper to tear down and build new.
  14. The original plan was a tribal casino but once commercial gaming became a possibility they shifted as it would be a quicker process. They’re pretty far along to shift back especially considering the lengthier process for a tribal casino & that it still requires state approval. Maybe they attempt that route in Richmond since their commercial proposal wasn’t selected there but all they are waiting on in Norfolk is the final Lottery Board approval and dirt will start moving.
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