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  1. I like these old street markers. You can find them in the strangest places. I don't care for the paint though.
  2. Great! We need more fast food restaurants in this area. Grrr.
  3. There was/is significant contamination. That is why the property has sat for so long. Going through the hoops with DHEC.
  4. Yes, this is Thornton Hall, revisited.
  5. I will probably be updating our small office network (SBS, plus 5 additional computers) sometime late this year/early next year. The prospect of switching to Apple intrigues me, as it may be more cost effective than the MS equivalent. I think that the hardest thing to give up would be Outlook. I could do it no problem, but it would be everyone else that matters.
  6. I wonder what the time frame for the store would be. I read that Apple has submitted plans for their store in Charleston recently as well. The prospect of switching to Vista doesn't thrill me, and I have been investigating the Macs recently. Maybe I could be swayed.
  7. Several of the photos on here lately have been really large files. It would be nice if you guys would run some jpg compression on your photos. No real need for a 1024x768 photo to be over 200KB and still look very good on the screen. I am not running a T1 over here. Thanks!
  8. I can see the litterbugs leaving their trash everywhere too, instead of taking a couple of steps to a trashcan. Actually it may require more trashcans and personnel to empty them. The added cost for maintaining them would not be offset by the permit revenue.
  9. I whole heartedly agree with the GvilleSC's assessment of the Viola St project. It really could have used more density and connectivity. Poor foresight by the City on this one.
  10. Mickel's house is for sale. $3.5 mil.
  11. We will see some asbestos abatement before any demolition.
  12. The owners of the Crown station have bought this. They have been trying to buy up some of this property for a long time, as they want to expand the store. This place is amazingly busy.
  13. I listen to Dave when I have a chance. He is pretty entertaining. More people should live debt free. I thought about sending a few of my friends to see this event.
  14. This property is currently R12. It is easier to develop in R12 (more density). Rex Galloway wants to rezone the property so he can put horses on it. There is no guarantee that it will be rezoned to a lesser density. It really depends on what is happening in that vicinty. In this case, I think that planning should to keep it the same, because there is development in the area. It is a good piece of property for a quality residential development (which is what I would do, if it were mine). Surprisingly enough, when an area like this is residential in nature, some neighbors will fight against horses. The reason being is that R-15 allows for 2 horses per acre. In this case, that could be up to 36 horses. Not saying that this will be the case, but the zoning allows for it, and the county has to plan for current and future uses as well. All that being said, it really could go either way in this case. This property is just on the edge and I don't think most of the neighbors in that triangle would have a problem with the rezoning.
  15. I noticed there were 2 cases for properties requested rezoning to R-15. One for r20 to r15 and the other from r12 to r15. Since you specifically mention horses, I would think you are referring to the one going from r12 to r15, because it would now allow horses?
  16. From what limited information was available on Anderson County's website, the only deeds that I saw were quitclaim deeds transferring a small interest in the property from Bannister Anderson to Alice Andreottola and from Bannister Anderson to Robert Andeottola.
  17. Alice Andreottola, wife of Robert Andreottola, of Avado Brands. The property is between Hwy 81 and Midway Rd, which is a hot area for development. Quite a bit of water on the property.
  18. Yes, I took liberties with photoshop.
  19. According to this video, it is only supposed to last about 1 second when the camera is turned on or off.
  20. I haven't noticed the cleaning cycle to be intrusive at all. It only last a couple of seconds at most in my experience.
  21. ... like ball 2, high and inside. Great shot, btw.
  22. Same here. And I have a pretty speedy connection. I really feel for people who might want to access it by dialup connection. If a site doesn't fully load in 10 seconds, I usually move on to something else.
  23. I happened to be in one of the BiLos on E North St last week, and they had that.
  24. Does Hughes own property on either side of this bridge? It could help their property values. Honestly, I think in the short term that it could help build growth between Main and Church, but in the long term, we will wish it was there for traffic flow. It already backs up enough as it is. It would only get worse.
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