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  1. Yes, I admit it it. You are a better man than I, Now being so kind, can you help me out with with college tuition for the 3 kids i have currently in college and the other 2 that are about to go? In that case , I can then afford more expensive carpet in my home
  2. If i am counting right, this looks like the final floor being completed.
  3. Drywall is all the rage, but, forgive me for not knowing what is axminster carpet?
  4. These pics are really terrific, but you get a better sense of how large it is as you drive by / walk by it. It has this thick, bad boy feel to it. Once the skin gets developed better and it is up and rolling and lit up you will really appreciate this addition to uptown. Not optimistic about timely and intelligent development around it though. There is so much opportunity for vibrant life in this ward.
  5. Those of you with talented photoshop skills, would anyone be willing to put the new DE building in this picture? It is a great angle.
  6. It is horrible. It completely diminishes the way I see the entire structure, which is disappointing.
  7. I see 7 cranes in this bottom picture. Amazing.
  8. Yes, even in a pandemic, our skyline is growing. Cool thing to see and watch. Charlotte is not yielding to anything.
  9. Ding, Ding, Ding. I thought about this a lot over the last number of months. You nailed it . The design possibilities are endless. The taller and brighter, the better. Problem is the world has just changed for the time being. Real Estate taking a big hit when the world changes. Because of that , I would rather wait for the proper plan than settle for something less.
  10. Just glad we got past the 4/1 negative jokes. After all this time, i just was not ready to deal with that.
  11. Pretty sure that is plastic yard fencing they got from Home Depot. It looks horrible. They put all that money in a building and finish it off like that.
  12. I would love to hear his answer. Let me know. Just hunker down and be safe. It is going to get worse before it gets better. I have been watching the situation where you are and it scares me.
  13. KJ, would love to have a lunch with the engineers who designed this and ask over a meal, " Hey, what was that process you had going on there? Because, well, not the best urban/ pedestrian design I have seen lately".
  14. You are right, but what about all the electrical and heavy HVAC that is usually the last thing loaded? Hey it was the late 80's, I guess they had their way but my curiosity is intrigued. Stupid things like this run through my mind sometimes. Stay safe in NY if that is where you are right now.
  15. Someone kind educate me here, where is the tower crane for this project? It seems a little early to have taken it down.
  16. And that is why the term skyscraper is so appropriate. Such great shots.
  17. And it really seems to have picked up the pace recently. This is the perfect fit for this edge of town. I have high expectations for it.
  18. Really nice pics today. I am so pleased with the Deloitte tower. So many angles and curves. I wish it had about 5 or 6 more floors but I am excited about how this project is turning out.
  19. Is that actual stuff I see coming out of the ground? That is exciting.
  20. That was some seriously good stuff there. Great job.
  21. Looks like the Hut got dinged up pretty good. Not sure that was there before. Tell me if I am wrong.
  22. 2035 seems like a conservative estimate. This thread discussing this project is 13 years old. Just awkward now at best.
  23. Is there a construction cam for this project?
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