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  1. Anybody know anything about Cheesecake Factory? They filed a permit on Oct 23 for 9809 West Markham. That doesn't seem to make sense as a location. Would assume it's at Midtown or Promenade. May be a "fake" as the official name of the restaurant is "The Cheesecake Factory"
  2. It is very likely that Conway County will be added to the MSA because of the strong commute into Faulkner County. The actual percentage of workers commuting from Faulkner into Pulaski has fallen over the last decade. Some have speculated this might pull Faulkner away and into its own MSA with Conway County. Conway is a central city with over 50,000 people. I doubt that happens. I don't think White County has a large enough percentage of commuters to be added to the MSA. Lots of interesting options.....time will tell.
  3. These are huge losses for Park Plaza. I don't think it recovers. Retail is too fragmented in Little Rock. In most markets this size, stores like Banana Republic, Pottery Barn, Apple, etc. are in a single center. My guess is that some of them under perform. My hope is that over time The Promenade picks up some of the stores that left the market. Something is off when Fort Smith and Fayetteville have an Abercrombie & Fitch and Little Rock doesn't. With these recent announcements Metro LR will not have BR, Gap, Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, etc. I had hoped Park Plaza/
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