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  1. He must be on someone's payroll to come and talk crap about Memphis on every topic
  2. It's good it will be put to a more productive use, but sad that our newest high rise office building downtown is being converted to residential because it can't be filled. Its shocking that its at only 8% vacancy since Raymond James moved out. It hurt to move all those jobs from downtown to out East. There needs to be a good mix of jobs and residences downtown, and if it skews too far one way or another, it has negative impacts.
  3. Pay no attention to fret, he gets enjoyment out of pointing out all things negative regarding Memphis and doesn't miss a chance to put Memphis down.
  4. With renewed discussions of a Memphis/Shelby County government merger, this could have interesting impact on population numbers. Nashville/Davidson County merged in the 60’s and Nashville’s population is the whole Davidson county population minus a few, small incorporated communities. If you subtract the other 6 incorporated cities (Millington, Bartlett, Arlington, Lakeland, Collierville, Germantown) from Shelby County’s population, this would give a population around 750k. This would make Memphis the largest city in Tennessee again, and the 18th largest in the nation.
  5. Who knows. There could have been a large number of people that didn't return their census survey and because of COVID, the census takers weren't as aggressive in following up on those. Also, a large number of non-citizens that reside in Shelby County could have been too scared to fill out a census.
  6. Yes, it does look very good and would be very happy if it comes to be. However, I still prefer to preserve the historic row buildings on Main. Carlisle doesn't seem to be highly concerned with historic preservation, as they tore down the Nylon Net building, and until recently, thought 100 N Main should be torn down. Orgel seems to be more of a historic preservationist.
  7. And don't forget, its the whole block, not just the building. It also includes the empty lot/parking lot, 4 historic row-style buildings, dog park, and some more parking spot next to the row buildings. I do hope they keep the 4 buildings and renovate them and build something where the parking lot is.
  8. Well, as they say "If you ain't growing your dying". Moral of the story is go have more babies. Matthew Yglesias' case for 1 Billion Americans is interesting, and I definitely think there's a lot of room for growth by filling cities back in. Not sure about a billion though, but I do think Arkansas would be healthier with 4 million or so population.
  9. Yeah, the birthrate decrease isn't a new thing, I was referring more historically. Nationwide, its less than half what it was in the 50's, but still close to 25% less than it was in the 80's. But yes, you are correct, there was more net migration into LR Metro from 2000-2010 than 2010-2020. I don't know why specifically, maybe there was less available jobs and people moved to NWA or DFW instead. Who knows?
  10. People aren't having as many kids, and are waiting later in life to have kids than in previous generations. This hampers natural growth. It's like that across the country. The areas that see the 10-20% growth (Austin, Phoenix, Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, NWA) have the growth because people are flocking there for jobs or the "hot" place to live. Salt Lake City may have the highest natural growth rate amongst metropolitan areas.
  11. That's going to be a really big building, as the lot is an L-shape, and wraps around the building on the corner. It will look really nice next to Gus's and across from Old Dominick. Carlisle owns the warehouse catty corner across the intersection, but the redevelopment for that got put on the back burner when they bought the Nylon Net building. I don't know if Old Dominick owns the empty lot next to them on the corner, or if there's any plans for it.
  12. Well, the official census relies on people returning their census survey. If it's not returned, the census takers go door to door on those those residences that didn't return it. If they aren't there and aren't there for follow up stops, they don't get counted. With COVID, I don't know if the usual amount of census takers were hired, and how thorough they were by tracking down those that didn't respond. I don't know what metrics are used for the estimates.
  13. I hope so. The low cost of living is starting to be not so low anymore. Some of the new apartments have pretty hefty rents. It's probably increasing in all large cities though.
  14. That's a cool idea. It could be done on several sections of 630 too.
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