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  1. Yes, that's definitely an option too. Different arenas have different constraints on what could be upgraded, and I have no idea what the feasibility of a major upgrade vs a new arena would be now or in 15 years. Climate Pledge got to do a complete gut and makeover since it was done before the Kraken started play. Target Center had to deal with the T-Wolves playing an NBA season during the renovation.
  2. Little Rock getting its first Whataburger at 17100 Chenal Parkway. Looks like that is the wooded lot just past the Genesis carwash at the Kanis intersection. Instead of clearing a new lot, I wonder why they couldn't build at one of the empty lots in front of Costco.
  3. New article discusses alot of this. Site of Greyhound station will be a 5-story hotel. Demolition starting soon. West of Simmons arena, along 2nd St plaza, there will be major development, similar to drawing on this page from May 2021. There will be two buildings on each side of the 2nd St plaza, and another building on each side with one facing Broadway, and the other facing Washington. 6-8 story building on Broadway side, and 2 story on Washington Ave side. There will be a parking garage and also a 40,000 sqft conference center. These 6 buildings will have offices, shops, restaurants, entertainment, hospitality, and apartments. The NLR Electric & City services building will be razed. They also want to extend the Junction Bridge trail to Broadway through the property. https://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article/141380/revamp-begins-in-north-little-rocks-downtown-riverfront
  4. I don't think the location is bad, right on Beale St next to FedEx Forum, it just needs to be more attractive. I wonder if there's been any long term discussion about the basketball arena. FedEx Forum is currently the 8th newest NBA arena, but will go to 9 when the Clippers open their new arena. Excluding MSG, the three oldest arenas in the NBA are just 12, 13, and 14 years older than FedEx Forum. Some of the new arenas (Milwaukee, Detroit, Sacramento, and Orlando) got new arenas after 30, 29, 28, and 20 years. Golden State used their previous arena 50+ years. A new arena may be needed in another 20+ years, so Church Park and the COGIC church could be a site for a new arena.
  5. I would like to see a redesign of Robert Church park too. I think its pretty terrible. Not very inviting at all. Needs a lot more trees, walkways, and landscaping. There's a low/depressed area on the south side of it that could be turned into a pond/fountain.
  6. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2022/09/19/downtown-memphis-first-section-of-tom-lee-park-renovations-complete/69494219007/ Cutbank Bluff is completed. Article also mentions that federal funding was secured to build a boardwalk out over the river, something that wasn't part of the original plan.
  7. New owners plan to restore Hotel Pontotoc to its former glory by converting it into a restaurant (basement/1st floor) and 10 apartments ($2 million reno.) Glad to hear this. I've been hoping someone would do something with it and not let it get even worse. Work starting this fall and will be completed by end of 2023 or beginning of 2024. Original sign will remain, and will be restored. Front stairs will be torn out and redone in an oval format. https://dailymemphian.com/subscriber/article/30996/downtown-memphis-historic-hotel-pontotoc-redevelopment
  8. It's not right across the street, more catty-corner to it. It might take up the entire block surrounded by 7th St/College St/8th St/McClean St. I would guess the front of it will face McLean St. That would seem better to face that way instead of the industrial sites with barbwire fences on College Street. That way, it could spur some development on the open lot across the street from it. Also, on the first photo, the street to the left of the building appears to go down a slight hill. This corresponds with the hill going down 7th street from McClean/7th St corner.
  9. Fundraising started for illuminating the Broadway Bridge https://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2022/sep/07/illuminating-a-city/
  10. Will be at 1102 E 8th St across from the William Woodruff house. Hopefully, the Woodruff house will get renovated. https://www.arkansasbusiness.com/article/141277/36m-mixed-use-space-for-artists-planned-in-little-rock
  11. Another project announced for the East Village. https://www.armoneyandpolitics.com/artspace-windgate-campus/
  12. Do you want a ride like this? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11180593/Terrifying-moment-fairground-ride-crashes-50ft-ground-India-leaving-15-people-injured.html
  13. Sounds good, I just hope they don't plan on taking over any of the park. They could just build on the current parking lot with a several story parking garage to give them more parking, and put the tower on top of that.
  14. If the soccer stadium were constructed at the South Forum location (behind Wiseacre) it would be a shorter walk to it going up the cut-Bank bluff, than it would to the Amp across a new pedestrian bridge.
  15. That would have been a good show - Blues Traveler, Rusted Root, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Matthews Band and G-Love and the Special Sauce. I didn't make that, but I did go to the MTV Sports & Music Festival at Tom Lee a couple years later that had Rusted Root, DMX, and Three-6. So the vehicle traffic on the pedestrian bridge, are you talking about automobiles, or golf carts and side-by-sides? As long as no seats are added to the Amp, the non-compete with the FedEx Forum shouldn't come into effect.
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