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  1. Glad that the Tenoke building was saved and will be put to a good use. Seems like forever ago, when I drove by and first noted the scaffolding around the building as consruction started. Crazy that it resembles nothing of its original appearance, as it started out as a warehouse. http://cremedememph.blogspot.com/2018/09/memphis-tallest-warehouse.html
  2. This could be interesting. Memphis really does well with adaptive reuse. https://dailymemphian.com/section/neighborhoods/article/22165/orange-mound-tower-former-united-equipment-redevelopment
  3. So are they planning to just build in the Civic Plaza area, without taking over any footprint of the police station? Or are they now looking at the 100 N Main property? If they do switch plans to 100 N Main, I bet Townhouse will loose their mind over that. Also, what are your 3 uses for the police station building that you have in mind?
  4. Yeah, they did this study https://www.tdot.tn.gov/PublicDocuments/TransportationStudies/MRCstudy.pdf about 10 years ago, and the report is almost 200 pages. After it came out, that was it. Like it was just forgotten about. Ideally, two new bridges would be optimal. One to the North, either connecting I-55 in Arkansas to the I-69/ US 51 interchange or to the Hwy385/US51 intersection. And then to the South, connecting I-40 in Arkansas to the I-69/US61 Intersection. That way, the I-55 bridge/Crump intersection could be reconfigured as planned without disrupting things too much. This would
  5. Looks like you've got the number wrong from 2010, as it was 2,915,918, which results in a 97,000 increase. From 2000 to 2010, we had an increase of 242k, a 9.1% increase, which was very close to the National 9.7% increase. I wonder what factors went into our rate of growth dropping to less than half of the National rate over the past decade
  6. It may not be the the top factor, or even in the top 5, but it is in there somewhere. I'm sure it factors in a lot more with people considering moving to Memphis, or others leaving Memphis, and this can affect economic growth by not having as strong as a workforce. Memphis is ranked 3rd highest in the nation on many lists. I know this year there has been a rise around the country, not just in Memphis, but the increase in violent crime is disturbing. Maybe the businesses that go so far as in having discussions with city leaders may not say its a big factor, but there could be large amounts
  7. Very sad and scary. Unfortunately, I think crime has been one of the things that has held Memphis back economically. It definitely factors in for some people thinking about investing, locating businesses, or moving to Memphis. Downtown used to be one of the safest places in Memphis, but it no longer appears that way. This occurred right in the heart of the entertainment district before 10pm on a Saturday night. https://wreg.com/news/man-dead-after-shooting-in-downtown-memphis-2/
  8. That's becoming less and less necessary with CG. Or they just build it from scratch like the Elvis movie in Australia. But for low budget shows and films, it will still be useful.
  9. The downtown Mason Lodge sold for $2.2 million to Bill Townsend, the owner of the Luciann Theater. He wants to turn it into an event space and film studio. https://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2021/04/13/townsend-buys-masonic-temple-movie-event.html With this and the Malco Majestic, there's really an effort into bringing in filming industry. Hope it succeeds.
  10. Yeah, I remember reading about this awhile ago, so I think it's a couple years in the making. Kinda off by itself with no residential around, but I think I remember him saying it was the only location he could make it financially feasible.
  11. Yeah, not exciting, but it's somewhere would a bank would want to go. They have cleared the large wooded at the other corner of Chenal/Rahling. I have no idea what that will be. They've also cleared away trees at Rahling and Chenal Valley Dr. I also saw that the property at Kanis and Rahling was recently sold. Lot of work going on along Chenal/Rahling corridor now.
  12. Yes, I was aware that most of the things were already present. Probably why the site was attractive to them. Much more cost effective to renovate some hotels, re-sod a golf course, and build a walking path around an existing lake than to start from scratch. Tunica is a very interesting place. It started from scratch in a county of 8,000 people that only had 2,000 jobs and became, at one time the 3rd largest gaming center in the country. It didn't exist in an urban setting but sprung up in the poorest of places amongst bean and cotton fields. 12 casino sites were built over the year
  13. Looks nice. Besides the Pinch project, Intrator has quite a few projects planned on Main and Front St. I believe 18 S Main is the only one that started construction so far. Hopefully the others will get rolling soon.
  14. Yeah, they will be 115 miles apart. Wolf Lodge will be indoors, this one doesn't specify, but maybe outdoors. This will have 18 hole golf course, spa, convention space, adult arcade, a lake with fishing and walking, restaurants, target shooting, and youth fields. Wolf Lodge seems more family - oriented to kids. This one has a greater variety of activities for everyone of all ages, even without kids.
  15. Malls are closing around the country. Ownership companies are going bankrupt around the country. This is because brick and mortar retail stores are closing because of online shopping. There's a huge transition going on in our economy and malls are going to be a major victim. The pandemic has hastened this too. Malls were even closing before the explosion of Amazon or the pandemic. What we will start to see is they will have to drop rent, and you will see an increase of local businesses in malls as opposed to national chains. Older malls will be torn down and some have even been converte
  16. The project has an official name and design now: Orleans Station https://dailymemphian.com/section/business/article/20841/orleans-station-will-bring-hundreds-of-residents
  17. I recently talked to someone while in Disney that was from Bentonville. They drove to KC to fly from there. I'm sure there's some leakage to there as well as Little Rock. Sometimes it not always about price, but rather times and dates.
  18. Yes, right between St. Jude and The Pyramid. Next to the Convention center and the bridge to Mud Island. Probably doesn't help that St Jude is completely gated off, and the Pyramid is down the Bluff. Regardless, it's still a prime location. I wish the Pyramid bridge over the tracks wouldn't have been torn down. Hopefully the city builds the new walkway soon. Intrator's group owns pretty much everything now that St. Jude doesn't, so it's all in their hands.
  19. Without Sherwood, it would be 263k, and be 79th in the Nation, still a big jump.
  20. If LR, NLR, and Sherwood merged into one city, it would go from the 126th largest city in the Nation, to 68th at 294,651.
  21. Hopefully Loew's hotel will still get built. If not, maybe someone will come through and renovate 100 N Main for a hotel. The Grand Hyatt will be nice, but I don't think will be adequate for a convention hotel just because it is over 1km from the convention center. Need something closer.
  22. No, you've got it wrong. Terminix sold off the Service Master brands recently. Terminix is $1.8 billion a year company with over 1000 jobs in the Memphis HQ. The Service Master Brands have around 200 jobs there, and are $240 million a year company. Just the 200 Service Master Brands jobs are leaving. The 1000+ Terminix jobs are staying, as well as the Home Shield employees. (Home Shield was spun off earlier.) Still sucks to lose the 200 jobs, but not near the blow you thought it was. I would expect a change in the signage to Terminix sometime soon.
  23. Good to see this building brought back to life. https://dailymemphian.com/section/business/article/19933/new-development-337-south-fourth-vance
  24. I wonder if this project is about to move forward? https://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2017/02/08/city-approves-madison-ave-boutique-hotel-for-9.html The reason I bring it up is from this article, which states they are moving from 158 Madison because of a change of plans with its owner. https://dailymemphian.com/article/19862/mmbcc-making-short-move-to-200-jefferson-tower
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