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  1. Bro...I've been here and there and I'm so glad someone else on this board feels me. It's soooooo revitalizing! My views have not changed on how things were handled in this potential development. I just decided to dead it because obviously if I'm not in agreement with just ANYTHING developed I'm being controversial and problematically confrontational. I thought this forum was about opinions. This development is beneath us. Almost literally. We can do better. That's deada$$ all I'm saying. It's just difficult for me to swallow that not as many people will speak u
  3. Hey! I was trying to check out your "Norfolk Live!" blog no luch
  4. I feel you on that potential. There's seems to be a lot more incentive for the beach in that scenario. Infeasibility has never stopped any city including Norfolk from constructing ideas. Don't see how this would be any different. I'm down for the positivity but not so much for the part about not having money for the train nor the idea of the arena near Military Circle. Still seems odd with it not being downtown, with all the existing transportation options already there. Plus I see the area around Military Circle being very drivable. What reason would locals have to take a
  5. IDK bro... just seems so suspect These route options do so little for the present infrastructure and population it's actually grotesque. I never thought I'd say this but at this rate I wish they'd never even built the thing
  6. When regionalism goes wrong... It's like they're saying "hey! It's all the same area according to the natives...shouldn't make much of a difference where the news paper is, right?"
  7. I think I identified my issue with this development and many like it in the 757: It's an urban development but isn't integrated into the existing urban fabric of the neighborhood! Did I get it??? Like, why isn't this facing Hampton Blvd, a super busy street with plenty of visibility? Is it the truck traffic? Is Norfolk just looking out for NIT and the other ports?? "What's going on" here?
  8. Yessir! Strawman. You distorted my argument, implying that I wanted a high-rise. It's something that obviously would be a bad idea. Not even realistic. Everyone would agree with that and it'd make my point look ignorant and make anything you say seem correct..... Its a strawman This is another one. I don't ride the bandwagon. Just because a bunch of people believe Norfolk has made great strides doesn't mean it actually did. Some of the same people who ate at Rainforest Cafe at Mac Center might be on this board right now saying that mall should be cleared and made into a stree
  9. Yeah, I read that last night. It was interesting that projections also showed that in 20 years Richmond would be larger than Norfolk, with trends staying consistent. That concerned me. It drove the point home that this isn't just a "cities aren't growing as fast as suburbs are so of course Norfolk is behind" but also the idea that even comparable cities to Norfolk are growing at a higher rate. Norfolk is in a strange strange position in VA. The Chesapeake thing is difficult for me to respect. I can't shake knowing that it's a bedroom community that was once a county, allowed to gai
  10. @ "So is a Walmart" so much in the 7 cities is designed this way!
  11. The arena makes a lot of sense in pretty much any area of Norfolk before being in any other city in the area. It's just a no brainer
  12. I bet you would love that... I said "semi-suburban" and the only reason I say that is because it's the type of development that would be acceptable in the suburb of a core city, within or near a "town center". Something like Va Beach's town center would be a great example. Seeing this in pretty much any other part of Norfolk would be fine. I'm from Queens but I've lived in a multitude of incorporated areas, cities(including 4 of the cities on the southside of Hampton Roads) and a few countries. I also know suburban. I know urban. I know center cities. The type of urban you g
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