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  1. I did not take these, but felt they were worth sharing on UP. *Note the IG header for photo cred.
  2. Located between the Westin and the convention center
  3. Circa 2009 Thankfully cell camera quality has increased dramatically.
  4. From the Stonewall stAtion today and around South Tryon
  5. Duke Charlotte Metro Tower - Aka Duke Power Tower Jr. vs Wachovia/Wells/Duke Plaza (Power) Tower Sr. #CLTRisiNG #MagnificentQC
  6. Bring it, if you were born in 1994, then 95 would have to be considered way back in the day lol “Back in the day” Definitions and Synonyms phrasespoken. DEFINITIONS1. used for referring to a time in the past, especially a time when someone was young. Synonyms and related words. Existing, happening in or relating to a time in the past. you know I had to lol
  7. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2021/10/11/cn-hotels-downtown-raleigh-40-story-rezoning.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_45&cx_artPos=0#cxrecs_s
  8. “That’s not back in the day “ Now that depends on how old you are what’s back in the day to me not be to you lol
  9. Who remembers this approach back in the day?
  10. Love KK & Bitty and Beau’s!!!
  11. Legacy U. has so many awesome pics that were captured on beautiful days by each of you that contribute to CLT UP. Here are some pics captured on a bit of a nasty day today, notice how many other towers from Wilkerson are lost in the cloud deck. We are blessed to have many towers over 500’ that had their tops in the clouds for much of the afternoon.
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