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  1. I think it might be a good idea to leave projects on the map until Google maps satellite view is updated to include them. I’m not putting in the effort to maintain the map though so if that is too much to ask then I apologize.
  2. I would be surprised if they didn’t have each station bridge the road in some way.
  3. I believe this idea was included in the 2040 vision plan, but so were 77 caps so who knows
  4. In that case this should combine with Portman to create a nice plaza type space off the rail trail with what looks to be a retail-lined pedestrian and/or service street connecting to Hawkins. These projects would compliment each other well I think.
  5. Can anyone place the orientation of this building?
  6. It is always the same users that divert topics towards politics. We have a thread for that if I remember correctly
  7. Gateway Station and..... North Tryon?
  8. Arrival making their presence known. Second micro-factory in the area, this time by the airport. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2021/03/17/arrival-microfactory-charlotte-meadow-oak.html
  9. It would certainly be mutually beneficial to have the Secretary of Transportation "adopt" us and support the Transit referendum. I had hopes this might happen when Biden won.
  10. This is the mindset that has led to the passive proliferation of white supremacy since the civil rights movement. Yes, people are typically classist more than racist in cities. That doesn't mean that classist policy doesn't create racist results. More minorities are in the lower class and more white Americans are in the upper class. Until we fix that relationship all class related policy will be inherently racist. One way to fix this is to move towards creating neighborhoods with a diversity of income so that geography becomes less of a factor in in the class divide. People saying that this ha
  11. Suggestion: Make this a general airport update thread and then make a separate thread for expansion updates and construction photos? This is a very active thread and I love y'all's enthusiasm for aviation, I just personally come for the construction updates and feel that they should be separated., plus the site will need an airport thread after the expansion is finished anyways.
  12. https://archive.is/3Ycn6 30-50,000 sq ft, so about two floors? At the least we shouldn’t expect another high rise
  13. The tents are mostly full of stuff and not people. And trust me on this, the city has been talking to the land owners for months, they can’t do anything about this nigh removing the inhabitants by force. And yes, this is still an issue, but an image one. So if the CMPS went in and arrested 30 odd homeless people how well would that help the city’s image? It’s a lose/lose situation for Mayor Lyles.
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