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  1. The tents are mostly full of stuff and not people. And trust me on this, the city has been talking to the land owners for months, they can’t do anything about this nigh removing the inhabitants by force. And yes, this is still an issue, but an image one. So if the CMPS went in and arrested 30 odd homeless people how well would that help the city’s image? It’s a lose/lose situation for Mayor Lyles.
  2. The tent cities are completely legal and they have found housing for every single person in them that consented. The remaining tent goers number 30 or less and are refusing to leave and the property owner hasn’t asked them to. Nothing the City can do about it.
  3. Politics is the missing variable in this equation
  4. I assume if it was less transparent the light might not shine through as well?
  5. Truist Tower looking appropriately satanic
  6. 700,000?! That would be top 10 buildings in size for Charlotte and even if they mean filling both Bland St. sites that would have to be over 20 stories for each building ! I won’t speculate but if they go for any discernible “tower” look then it would have to at least beat the record for tallest in South End at 30-35 stories! South end is getting some height!
  7. Great! Will blend in to that corner well for the time being
  8. And if so does that mean an elevator shaft will stick out until it’s finished?
  9. Do they not plan to screen the side facing the deck?
  10. MothBeast


    The parks department should be buying these properties and making them less exclusive with more affordable memberships and one time entry. The exclusivity is what killed them in the first place I imagine.
  11. I figured since the project is now separate from the Spirit Square development and the conversation has been so lively it should have it's own Topic
  12. The map seems to show an implied crosswalk where the greenway crosses Park next to that shopping center, otherwise the greenway will be disconnected
  13. Maybe I am missing something but that map seems to clearly show a "greenway connection" right behind the Michael's
  14. Now if they could just add an LED outline like the BofA building in Dallas to (formerly as of today) One Wells Fargo we could have our 6 tallest buildings lit up at night in tandem!
  15. Is that supposed to be the design for the garage covering or is it still in progress? Seems purposeful either way
  16. As a Charlotte native who grew up in the 00's, I and everyone else I knew (native or otherwise) called it uptown. Only outsiders called it downtown and were swiftly corrected. Shows how successful the city's campaign to rename it was.
  17. DEE DEE! *shakes fist at the sky*
  18. The pit got sold you mean? If so, anymore details? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Yes please, though for many (me) those are the closest gas stations by a longshot. I would like to see more high quality gas/convenience in South Charlotte like the one on Carmel to offset this loss.
  20. I have always hated that Burger King. Second only to the "Pit" at Park/Gleneagles
  21. Mine didn’t update, what platform are you using? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. It is set to undergo renovations, I imagine that has something to do with it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Oh yes, I’m not married to the inclusion of Queens University if anyone has a better idea (or picture). Maybe something more cultural.
  24. I imagine I am not the only one disappointed by our Wikipedia collage. It is the first thing many people see of our city and I think we can do better. This is my attempt using some of your photos (specifically MGelbach and Gman) as well as some free use photos. With permission from those relevant of course I would love to upload this to Wikipedia. https://imgur.com/a/oUeC2Sh
  25. MothBeast


    Wait, so the plan involves having three stops for the light rail extension? That seems excessive but I'll leave it to the experts
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