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  1. Why, because I have invested a lot of time in Charlotte starting back in 1995. I have seen Charlotte grow leaps and bounds. Hey, I am a very civil man. I felt attacked over a simple comment which was my opinion and it was a very reasonable comment that got blown out of proportion. You have to ask yourself how my comment ruffled so many feathers. I will close the thread with this. Like I have said before. It would be nice if Charlotte developed more along the corridors of I77 and I85. To me driving in the city would be more aesthetically appealing and this is my opinion. Charlotte is a great c
  2. Hey sweetheart I never said anything about a number. I made a point but it went over your head. I guess you a statistics man. My gripe is not Charlotte its the backwards people, some not all but its obvious who I am speaking of. With all do respect. Hopefully with the influx of Northerners they can show people like you the way. But, you have to listen first. Zip your lips and listen to them. Only they can show you the way. You are new to this. Good luck.
  3. Nah, why don't you start talking about something you know about, yea!
  4. Okay, I have been up here in Canada for the last 10 years. Canada is more European. I live in Toronto but here is a video of Montreal an excellent representation of what I am talking about. Charlotte aspirations!!!! I am originally from Charlotte so this is why I have taken an interest in the "Queen City" enjoy:)
  5. I think you are comical. Who said anything about suburban sprawl? The last I checked 77 and 85 run through Charlotte proper correct. Driving 85 and 77 both look like cow towns nothing but trees, boring. You guys have never been outside of Charlotte. Every major city has class A office space, hotels, and condos. along side their major corridors. As a matter of fact the only major city that does not that I can think of is Charlotte and maybe Nashville. D.C, Montreal, Toronto, (real cities not Atlanta) San Francisco, San Diego, Philly, Boston. Charlotte has a beautiful uptown. Outside of this
  6. I think one day it might click for the ones that can't see the forest for the trees (pun intended). If you don't get the feeling that Charlotte feels like a small town rather than a mid-large city because of the lack of development along the highway corridors maybe you haven't been out of Charlotte. But uptown is looking good. Now get those corridors developed ASAP! We want condos, hotels, class A office space. Let's get it together Charlotte. Time to grow up!
  7. The pic is of Toronto which incorporates very smart growth policies and there are plenty of hotels, condos, class A office space aligned near highways and byways. I also think Charlotte is unique or rather still can be unique regarding the amount of trees if they would still incorporate more development along the interstate corridors. IMHO Charlotte looks unbalanced without this type of development. "Mayberry" maybe was a little to harsh but to me development along the interstate corridors just makes sense. When people drive into Charlotte and they see development along the interstate corrido
  8. Whoa, maybe I came off a little brash with the "Mayberry" comment. I am Mr. Charlotte. I luv the city and the growth. I moved to Charlotte from Raleigh in "95" because of the Panthers. I remember driving the Brookshire looking at the massive crater before anything was erected. In my opinion coming up north 85 from the Gaston County line makes Charlotte look like a small town. If you look at Orlando, Dallas, Atl they have plenty of development along the interstate corridors and it looks pleasing to the eye. I think 85 and 77 corridors are prime real estate for either high rise condos or class
  9. I can't believe more people have not talked about this subject but Charlotte will continue to look like a small city until commercial buildings start going up on I77 and I85. The Uptown Charlotte skyline will rival some of our most iconic cities but when you drive into town "Hey Mayberry". I'm surprised the city leaders don't do something about this. Or at least encourage growth. The commercial building on I77 South towards Carowinds with the waterfall is the type of development we should have up and down the corridors if I77 and I85.
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