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  1. Looking at it, I can't help but think it may one day transform into a robot and walk away! From Tom Hank's 80s movie "Big". Looks great at night, though.
  2. Valspar has an office presence not far from Lowes HQ in Mooresville. Not sure how big it is...
  3. LaSpada's on Lee Rd is legit. Try it!
  4. Been meaning to ask about this. I heard similar except Sycamore will be relocating to Beacon's new LoSo Station property.
  5. I always think Roosters for something with a southern flair.
  6. And they are now owned by The Cheesecake Factory: https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/cheesecake-factory-buys-phoenix-based-fox-restaurants-what-we-know/ar-AAF8Q4O
  7. I have an office is one of the WeWork buildings in Charlotte and its fantastic! Excited to be able to use it in and possibly expand in Orlando at some point. They have beautiful open spaces, daily social activities, beer/wine/coffee/cold brew... you name it. Very well thought out with collaboration amongst tenants in mind. Overall it will be a great addition to the city and will actually put some small businesses (more working people) downtown that wouldn't typically pick that location.
  8. The Orlando Bohemian was built with the assumption that a building would be constructed next door. Never happened...
  9. Craig Ustler owns it. Original plan was to demolish EO and use both parcels to build a 14 story condo tower. It will likely be sold off alongside EO in the near future.
  10. Not fast food, but have you tried Fran's Filling Station for a sit down? Specifically the California Burger? It's fantastic! Pinky's close second.
  11. White noise sleep machine may work wonders. Fills the room!
  12. Bravo should make a new series based on this thread.
  13. Opinion: If you want to understand what I Am Reality is saying, remove emotion and spend some time on these boards (or better yet, city Business Journals) objectively learning about the types of progress currently happening in other "similar" sized cities. I've always used Austin and Charlotte as good comparibles as I chose between them when relocating to Orlando 20 years ago. With that being said - its great to see so many bound together defending a city we all know and enjoy!
  14. This is correct. Brightline is not being built for Orlando residents. Its intent is to lure the 65 million + tourists to visit S Florida for a few days (I still believe for future casinos). Look at the south Floirda stations in comparison to Orlando. They are all centrally located and will have massive real estate built up on site. Orlando gets a maintenance facility and a turnstile for the numbers. Would have been great to go through downtown Orlando but thats not the draw or where the money is in this town!
  15. I believe this may be dead. The lots are all up for sale listed by the agents originally promoting this project.
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