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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Raleigh's UDO allows construction over 40-stories. The city council just de-coupled the maximum height restriction that was tied to the number of stories earlier this year. Previously a 40-story building could go no higher than 500 feet (which limited the floor-to-floor heights), now a 40-story can be taller in feet.
  2. This was a really great project, showcasing the SidePlate moment frame system that assisted in the progressive collapse design requirements. I hosted a lessons learned presentation with the project's design/construction team back in September and it's amazing to see it in it's (almost) finished form! Thanks all for posting pictures throughout!
  3. The construction industry is considered to be an essential service at this time, a lot of the building industry partners - ABC, AGC, etc. - are fighting for this. I don't really see how this will change as long as new hospitals and other healthcare facilities need to be constructed to fight the pandemic.
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