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  1. Great plan, looks very powerful!It's great that there are so many sports and other equally useful facilities on campus. It's obvious that the global nature of such a project requires the same funding. And it's great that so many things are being done for education and for students. I recently did research in the development of education using a service I found at Pick The Writer. I was very pleased with the positive dynamics and that a huge resource and budget are always allocated for this.
  2. Election time gives us a lot of sensitive and open politicians who try to get closer to people, but after the elections forget about their promises and people who voted for them. There are several widespread manipulative technologies used by politicians during elections, and one of them is the corruption of politicians at all levels of government. Recently I read more about this and the topic of discussion, including on the site https://writingbros.com/essay-examples/political-corruption/ I advise you to stop by and read this essay on the topic of political corruption. According to the standard survey data, more than half of the world's inhabitants live in countries where corruption is relatively common. In other words, most of the people on earth live in places where they have to fight fundamental violations of human rights and freedoms. It's scary friends. What do you think?
  3. I like the changes that are happening. What can you say?
  4. Thank you for sharing! And how I can find a source of these pictures ?
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