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  1. Raleigh doesn't have a real transit funding mandate--there's a mild transit tax that will barely make a dent in funding transit improvements----HOWEVER the federal government is just throwing money into Raleigh-area transit projects. Nashville needs to take notes. * Raleigh Union Station (AMTRAK) - Cost $110 million; the federal government funded $70 million of the project cost. * Raleigh Union Station Bus Station (BRT hub/bus connection) - Costs greatly reduced by having a public-private partnership, city builds the bus station platform, the developer builds a 30 story towe
  2. Bizjournal now has new renders of the 18 story tower and a few new details.
  3. Woah that's really bad. It looks like a generic car-oriented project you would see developed around Concord. Doesn't look pleasant to walk around. For example, no controlled pedestrian crosswalks, it's built for the car.
  4. This project is full steam ahead. They are permitting for construction.
  5. What you're describing has already happened to Raleigh/Durham metro. COVID was a boom for Raleigh/Durham pharma industry. Ranked 5th which is pretty big deal when you're a midsized metro. If anything, even with Apple announcement, R/D languished in the tech market recently. https://www.wraltechwire.com/2020/12/08/raleigh-durham-ranked-5-in-the-nation-for-life-sciences-industry/
  6. Of all the metros in the South excluding Florida I think Nashville will be the first to have a supertall (300 meters/1000 feet) purely off of speculative outside investment. Probably a high end condo tower like you see in Austin.
  7. Looks like an office footprint reduction. RTP is generally not for small operations and GSK has been shrinking in this area for a while now. I think outside of major metros office tower development is going to stall severely.
  8. It was never going to be 40-stories. Raleigh only allows zoning in max story allowances. They wanted 32 -stories so they requested the 40-story zoning because that's the only zoning category that allows 32-stories. That being said, even though the residential tower still doesn't have a rendering it looks leagues better than Charlottte's 33-story Ellis residential tower. That thing is why Raleigh no longer approves extensive EIFS exteriors on projects like this one.
  9. BizJournal reports this will start middle of next year. That's a quick development schedule for a Raleigh project.
  10. Who owns that property? If it's the city they should just sell for max profit and roll that into a new low income senior housing project in a better location in downtown. That structure looks like it needs millions of dollars in renovations soon.
  11. The residential tower would go great on any block in downtown. I wish more of these planned towers were designed like this.
  12. The 12-story Madison mixed-use tower is also expected to go ahead soon with a completion date of 2024.
  13. RUSBUS is scheduled to start construction next year and will be 30 stories, equivalent to a 35 story tower due to the massive transit station base.
  14. The Creamery plans have been filed. There will be a 33-story residential tower and a 20 story parking deck/office building in the back. The historical creamery building will stay. https://cityofraleigh0drupal.blob.core.usgovcloudapi.net/drupal-prod/COR15/ASR-0083-2021.pdf
  15. Builder of 4×4 utility vehicle picks Raleigh for US headquarters, new jobs https://www.wraltechwire.com/2021/09/29/builder-of-4x4-utility-vehicle-picks-raleigh-for-us-headquarters-new-jobs/
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