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  1. It's happening soon. The Ark Royal bar announced last week that they're closing down their location as the project is moving forward soon. "As part of this ever-growing city, our tropical location on Glenwood South is being torn down in the near future to build a new structure on the entire block. During this time we will be searching for a new location here in downtown Raleigh." https://www.instagram.com/p/CiyPto5L7an/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. Revealed on Twitter. Woah Smoky Hollow III will be amazing I think. Looks to be around 33 to 38 stories tall on the residential tower and about 20 on the office tower. That being said it COULD JUST BE AN EARLY CONCEPT RENDERING and the real project may be scaled down due to budget.
  3. 301H residential tower is cancelled and property to be auctioned off. Good news really as this means there's a potential for rezoning to 40 stories and a better overall project.
  4. Durham's Social District will cover almost all of its downtown. I think they're almost ready with the plan
  5. 9-story Moxy Hotel (First in NC?) coming to Glenwood South District on a super skin property by the railway tracks. I will be interested to see what kind of design they are planning since I don't think you can fit a parking structure on this property without some serious engineering. Located at 501 N West
  6. 330 W Hargett 372-unit 30-story residential tower ASR renders:
  7. Raleigh's first Social District is a pilot program, focus on one visible area first and see how it pans out. Next year the social district could expand and other districts could apply to get their own social district.
  8. Yes, it's forced to move from Chapel Hill to Downtown Raleigh. Just released today in the state budget: "Department of Administration, at 116 W Jones St., would be torn down and replaced by a new “Education Campus.” The campus would provide offices for the UNC System and Community Colleges System, as well as the departments of Public Instruction and Commerce. The proposal would require the Department of Administration … to relocate all employees from the existing building by July 1, 2023. Demolition of the building would be required no later than Oct. 31, 2023." Also "“State Government Executive Headquarters facility” that would host the governor’s staff, personnel and operations for various state agencies, and include a chamber for the Council of State"
  9. UNC System has 5ish years to build a new facility in downtown Raleigh. So maybe, maybe not.
  10. Missing Smoky Hollow III. Announcement should be coming by Fall I think. Expect the resi tower to be very tall however it's at the lowest point in downtown so it all evens out.
  11. North Hills $1 billion Innovation District expansion has started. 6-story tower "St. Alban’s Residential" and the 18 story office tower will start construction this week. https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2022/06/23/kane-new-plans-north-hills-innovation-district.html
  12. The 21-story residential tower has been updated to 24 stories/293 feet! This is the tower facing S Saunders Street so should be very prominent building once completed.
  13. Already under construction. The property is currently being prepped for grading.
  14. Sore subject for them. Especially since projects here after getting taller than originally planned instead of truncated. Creamery Resi tower rose 5 stories taller/ office tower by 1 story and so did the RUSBUS resi tower and the soon to be announced dual tower Smoky Hollow 3 project will be taller than originally planned.
  15. Comparing Richmond, a city with 200+ years of being a city with booming growth in the 1700's, 1800's and early 1900's to Raleigh, a small college town until 20-ish years ago?
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