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  1. A score of 20 story rezoning are expected to hit city rezoning process soon. Most will be in Raleigh's 'Midtown' area. The most recent one is 2114 Atlantic Ave just by the Iron Works development, it will be a mix use tower of up-to-20 stories.
  2. Remove the 20 people that care about Raleigh's building development and you have the opposite. NIMBYism is strong in the Triangle. Besides Raleigh's 'Midtown' has dozens of 12 to 35 story projects (the Walter) under construction or proposed so it will be Raleigh's South End. But with BRT instead of real rail transit.
  3. I attended the first neighborhood meeting. They stated that the announcement of Apple and other businesses has spurred their decision to evaluate the size of this project but that the overall composition of the project will stay the same but the height of the buildings will vary. Likely the residential towers will increase in height but the hotel and office tower may remain the same or be converted to more housing.
  4. More good news, the Nexus, the previously four 20-story tower project is being rezoned to 40 stories.
  5. 400H permitting has been resubmitted to CoR for a fresh review. Design and size remains the same. Still no construction timeline but it's a positive move forward. Now there's at least 8 towers of 20 stories or higher awaiting construction: RUSBUS, City of Raleigh tower 1, 400H, Raleigh Crossing Residential Tower, Smoky Hollow III, South Street, Salisbury Square tower 1 and tower 2. That's not including all the vague 40 story rezoning items as there's no indication of their current statuses.
  6. The 20-story residential tower on 320 W. South Street is currently undergoing Administrative Site Review (1st Submittal). 296 apartments on only 1.1 acres! Even more impressive when you consider that half the acreage will be parking deck. I've never heard of this Virginia-based developer, Capital Square 1031. They don't appear to build many towers.
  7. Yes, Raleigh Union Station Bus Station will ultimately connect the future Commuter Rail, Intercity High Speed Rail, AMTRAK, and Bus Rapid Transit services. GoRaleigh bus system is also decentralizing with mini-hubs around key BRT and rail stations for faster localized service.
  8. 27+ story residential tower, phase 1. Phase 2 mix use project planned, as well, but details unknown.
  9. Probably a good thing, an office oriented downtown would be bland city full of franchised restaurants and cheesy Las Vegas-zation. We have North Hills for that. Right now the only thing that make sense are apartments and every now and then an office project or two. Just look at Charlotte, uptown is--okay, I guess but NoDa and South End are way more lively even though they're low and mid rise areas. RusBus is still planned to go ahead, construction must start no later than Oct 2022 and the City of Raleigh office tower is also not delayed but slowly working its way through the process. I
  10. Yes, the crane is going down now. Phase II is not expected to break ground for at least a year so there's no need for a crane until then. Phase II down to only 1 residential tower of no more than 20 stories. Fallon Company has so far been a disappointment, hoping they would change the development landscape of Raleigh but does not appear to be a significant player. It's still Kanetown.
  11. Red Hat adding 500 jobs split between Raleigh and Boston too.
  12. There you have it, Amazon narrowed down the HQ2 list to Chicago, Philly, and Raleigh and then Bezo threw all that work away and went with his gut. Raleigh would have been a top choice for a major office project. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/13/books/review/amazon-unbound-brad-stone.html
  13. lol on another site, the Durhamites feel that everything that happens in RTP, even Apple, which is the Wake County side is their achievement. You have to remind them that RTP is a regional effort and most people in the Triangle live in Wake County. Especially Apple, yes, the CEO went to Duke but the COO of Apple is a native Raleigh citizen and NCSU graduate. It's not like Google project that was pretty much a Duke collab spawn.
  14. Apple's new campus is super specialized hence the high wages (compare to Austin's more generic Apple Campus) but that won't stop them from expanding that campus in the future. San Diego Apple campus is tripling in size for example.
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