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  1. Precisely why buildings of a certain age or architectural distinctiveness deserve historical preservation protection.
  2. At first I thought this was the new Williamson County prison.
  3. Heaven forbid they build on an empty lot rather than try to take out the handful of remaining actual historic buildings left in the CBD.
  4. I can, or rather hope, the main castle building can and should be restored. But the wings with the prison cells may have to come down, especially now that it's exposed to the elements.
  5. That yellow building was demo'd between 1997-2000 and has been an empty lot for over 20 years. I'm forgetting what it was, possibly an auto supply store ? The view of the lot today: https://www.google.com/maps/@36.1524532,-86.7732822,3a,60y,31.86h,90.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJFN3N2Emm1-ivyC5dNVDxw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  6. I have that same postcard, too. One of my favorites.
  7. That's more like 1940, not 1912. The Sudekum Building wasn't built until the early '30s, and you can see several others from that era as well.
  8. That, or between undeveloped bottomlands and banal apartment developments.
  9. It's not tacky per se, it's just that with a few tweaks, it could be an Airport Hilton. There's nothing about it that says "tropical" or a destination hotel.
  10. Here's another thing I noticed. Why on earth are the windows symmetrical facing westward, but completely meshuggah facing 8th ? This building is a mess.
  11. ^Nothing much about that building from the outside indicates anything denoting "tropical" in style. It could be out at the airport, for that matter. It's a shame they didn't build a Miami Beach-style Art Deco or Art Moderne type mid-rise, instead.
  12. San Diego's downtown is somewhat limited in what it can do height-wise, because the airport is just off the downtown. I noticed those are the same buildings that were there when I visited almost 30 years ago.
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