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  1. Y'know, when I see this photo with the exposed limestone walls, I imagine what it would be like if we got rid of the inner interstate loop and turned it into a canal/waterway with little sailboats/rowboats sailing along it.
  2. ^Demolish the whole hideous thing. Reconstruct Polk Place and operate it as the museum President Polk wanted.
  3. If anything, Percy Priest Lake spurred on development of subdivisions around the lake where it was just farms and woods before. The low-lying areas along Stones River, which flowed through where the center of the lake is, were likely prone to flooding, so that area may not have been developed into suburbs.
  4. ^Quietly sobbing about the loss of blocks of beautiful 19th century buildings.
  5. This photo would've been taken from at or just below Peabody and east of Hermitage Avenue. That warehouse building on the left was located just above where Hermitage merged into 1st Avenue on the east side of the street, which would now be the SE corner of 1st/Hermitage & Korean Veterans. It was still there until about 20 years ago, demolished for the KVB expansion.
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