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  1. Every now and then, usually on a weeknight, I see a big group of cars over at that property. I don't know if it's some sort of open house, or a rave party.
  2. Does anyone know what's going on with Silo Studio (The rehabbed lumber mill off Centennial Blvd)? It appears as though it is finished, but there are basically no tenants in the building other than that F45 Gym. https://www.officespace.com/tn/nashville/2026252-5400-centennial-blvd
  3. This is amazing!! I hope they continue this trend elsewhere in the area.
  4. I own one of their units at 2Aves, many of the residents with flat roofs have had leaking problems already, I was told by one of the sales team that they are "never going to do flat roofs again"... LOL
  5. I hope it's a road-course style race track. Maybe we can get Formula 1 here. (who am I kidding)
  6. I guffawed so hard the first time I jogged by this house, it is so absolutely ridiculous looking, and shows the absolute anarchy of home-building in "new Nashville". I had some family in town visiting and I asked them to "spot the problem" when driving down Morrow a couple of days ago. Needless to say, they quickly spotted it.
  7. Here is what I found on the matter. I clicked a few around the Nations area and I do not see any "issued" permits for N.O.O. STRs past about 2017, which would line up with the time the ordinance went into effect. https://data.nashville.gov/Licenses-Permits/Residential-Short-Term-Rental-Permits-Map-/wa2i-5s6e
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this area outside of the permitted "non-owner occupied STR" zones that were created a couple of years ago? I remember that current ones were grandfathered, but new ones not allowed unless in certain districts (mostly near downtown).
  9. it is only a matter of time before more traffic lights and cross walks pop up along centennial, especially given the population density is going to go through the roof with all apartment complexes. I would contact Mary Carolyn and ask her what the city's plans are.
  10. How do I remove or hide the sidebar on the right side of the thread I'm looking at? It shows things like "last reply, top posters, top posts" etc. It crams the content I'm looking at to the left and then there's just a bunch of unused/dead space on the once I scroll past these statistics. Thanks
  11. Does anyone have information on the Greenway that is supposed to run from Vernon Ave to West Park? I can't find details online. Perhaps someone else is more resourceful than me.
  12. every time I run by that little house on the bottom left of this picture, "Daddy Won't Sell The Farm" by Montgomery Gentry plays in my head lol
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