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  1. Vernon Ave has already become a nightmare at this spot. With cars parked on just one side of the street it's a one-way street at that point, and people basically have to drive into the yards across the street to get out of the way. Once again I notify Hub nashville about a couple solutions and they basically tell me to kick rocks.
  2. I've seen large sections of streets with new construction and the sidewalks are still very spotty, is Walk Bike Nashville still talking to the city about this?
  3. I've seen large sections of streets with new construction and the sidewalks are still very spotty, is WBN staying on them about this? Edit: I will ask over in the transpo thread!
  4. except there are no sidewalks there so now you must walk on the same 12ft wide section of usable roadway as two oncoming cars that must jockey for position on who gets to go first
  5. not only that, but there is a section of that street that is essentially a one-way, with cars being parked on both sides and the roadway being so narrow. There is plenty of space to widen the road to accommodate two-way traffic, but I do not expect that to ever happen.
  6. Is there a document somewhere that outlines what the city is spending their money on? I would like to take a look at it out of curiosity. I tried to look at some point but gave up because whatever I was looking at did not offer the level of granularity I wanted to see. Thanks in advance
  7. Ah, you're right, I forgot about that. I was just thinking you'd have to have a death wish to parallel park directly in front of the stores on Charlotte Ave
  8. Seems like the lack of parking is why that area is underutilized, but then again, lack of parking is the standard in Nashville.
  9. Do you have any info on the meeting date/time/location for this? I'm around the area and would like to go. Thanks! Nevermind, it was two days ago, dang
  10. The empty cans rattle the most. I'm sure a majority of residents didn't mind, it was just a vocal minority.
  11. Agreed on Chuy's, not sure what the appeal is. We don't have any good Mexican "restaurant" options around here anywhere.
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