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  1. How do I remove or hide the sidebar on the right side of the thread I'm looking at? It shows things like "last reply, top posters, top posts" etc. It crams the content I'm looking at to the left and then there's just a bunch of unused/dead space on the once I scroll past these statistics. Thanks
  2. Does anyone have information on the Greenway that is supposed to run from Vernon Ave to West Park? I can't find details online. Perhaps someone else is more resourceful than me.
  3. every time I run by that little house on the bottom left of this picture, "Daddy Won't Sell The Farm" by Montgomery Gentry plays in my head lol
  4. It is sad that this prison has more architectural pizazz than 99% of the new stuff going up today. Dare I say, it's pretty. Not sure if y'all have seen the "Nashville's Intersections" meme going around, but it just shows how wild the intersections are around here. To think that they will start fixing them seems to me a bit of a pipe dream, but maybe I'll be proven wrong one day.
  5. Might just be me, but this area looks ripe for a shopping center/grocery store type project, especially to accommodate the growing population density. Anybody know the scoop on this piece of property?
  6. That's some really groundbreaking architecture right there!
  7. Back in my hometown, there are two Mapco's across the street from each other.
  8. Observations (sorry no pictures) The mulch office building at 677 Vernon has been razed. The 50 unit townhomes down the street on Vernon have begun framing.
  9. Commercial real estate has been a buyer's market due to the current conditions, it's a great opportunity to purchase I would imagine. Once everything blows over they may just be opening their doors (only speculation)
  10. Ahh I can actually poke around on this now that I'm a forum member! Very cool!
  11. Hello, long time lurker of this thread, first time poster. Big thank you to those of you who post such great information in here. Forgive me if this has been covered already, but I have seen lots of land clearing going on between Vernon Ave and Nashua Ln, any ideas what's going there? I know that Miken was going to do something with the mulch company next door as one of the last phases of the Rows/Woods project, but this looks like something different.
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