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  1. Yep - 2'nd street about to get dirty. What's also interesting is that the the developer that owns the 2nd & Marshall lot where the 12 story will rise also owns the lot directly across on the west side of 2nd AND the lot at the NE corner at Marshall & 1st. (technically is it is one parcel) Edit - change to 'Marshall & 1st'
  2. This week's private sector driven TOD-1 rezoning takes the Cobb Lumber site from M-1 heavy industrial to our favorite transit oriented designation. It also includes the neighboring property controlled by the city for their ambulatory services. Curious as to why public parcel is included...maybe city saw opportunity to attach this adjacent parcel to private initiative or maybe private actor doing city a favor OR needs that parcel to be TOD-1 as well due to limitations that sometimes occur when differing zoning classes abut each other? Anyhow, I imagine any associated plans stemming from this are for the Cobb Lumber site - not the city parcel.
  3. Finally saw some action on this project this week. Developer Gammino has formally submitted a SUP intended to facilitate this 5 story 60 unit project w\ commercial space along 2nd St. This is to be built on parking lot NE corner of 2nd & Leigh. See BizSense article in quote. One more update this week - teeing it up now in Hermitage Rd\Diamond thread...
  4. whw53

    Shockoe Bottom

    I'm actually digging the memorial layout a bit more after seeing this. It looks like part of the proposal is to expand the farmers market to a covered portion and include subsidized housing in new construction at 18th Broad. More functional - and vertical - than some of those early renderings\discussion alluded to. Note it includes a massing as well for the Weiman Bakery site as 'Hotel Development'. We have hint now that this will be a residential project - not hotel.
  5. Shucks, rendering here in Virginia Business shows that tower truncated.. https://www.virginiabusiness.com/article/richmond-council-clears-way-for-325m-vcu-health-project/ Edit - altho that rendering may be the original for that block from the Navy Hill proposal - look how it shows development on adjacent blocks. Also here are links to the BizSense, RTD stories https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/03/02/city-council-oks-325m-development-to-replace-public-safety-building/ https://richmond.com/news/richmond-city-council-approves-3-5-million-sale-of-public-safety-building-downtown/article_45c522a9-b84d-52a4-865d-821cb0f59d5a.html Sent from my SM-A600A using Tapatalk
  6. whw53

    Shockoe Bottom

    An update on the Shockoe Small Area Plan was presented to the Planning Commission last night. Contained a nice rendering of development potential even up farther up into the Shockoe Valley and how the proposal for the memorial fits in behind the farmer's market. Full presentation here- https://richmondva.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=4806038&GUID=DB4A68AD-7F85-42A1-A65C-758DE9341329&Options=&Search=
  7. That's the one i posted on the Capitol \Slip thread. It is a similar design to and the surrounding massing puts it at the same spot as the former Hyatt Place hotel proposal along the Canal just west of the Hat building. So we know Locks owners are interested in developing there AND if we connect the dots to the architect's resume here - http://www.nahumgoodenow.com/resume, a Locks 7 is listed as experience from 2020-2023.
  8. the 25 story at Broad \ Madison I am really stoked for , more so than the casino talk- I hope that moves forward with all deliberate speed and that council lets it go as it will need a SUP to achieve that height. But just imagine - two beautiful towers overlooking Broad St at separate ends of the Arts District - the 23 story CNB a tribute to Richmond's prosperity in the 1920's and this new one a tribute to the Richmond's current renaissance 100 years apart. Both gorgeous buildings.
  9. I think we will hear about the Locks 7 tower soon. Because of that i don't believe it was all the same project or project options but just some nice renderings of items being worked on recently.
  10. another big Plan of Development was filed for industrial Manchester this afternoon. 173 units, narrow site - how many stories do you all reckon? Zoning is B-7, not as familiar with that district. Good week for Hull St!
  11. Ok last but certainly not least....Remember this rendering that @georgeglass found? The crown jewel for this Friday is that in some form...she's official. Plan of development filed Tuesday for 12 story building at 200 E Marshall. Let's go!
  12. SUP filed this week for 6 unit attached development off Grove- technically Malvern or Colonial Gardens I think. I wouldn't normally report a relatively small 6 unit development but I do think this is interesting because if this attached infill proliferates west of 195 it will certainly densify the area from what is holding on almost as it was when built in the 1950'\60's and does indeed expand the inner urban gradient even farther west.
  13. Week of 2\21 - plan and permit applications of note 1. New rezoning application from B-5 to TOD-1. This is the 'grocery site' alluded to in prior site plans for City View Marketplace. Well, you don't need TOD-1 to build a grocery store - what's interesting is that site is zoned B-5 Central Urban already and other phases of City View were developed under this zoning classification - why would one seek from B-5 to TOD-1? That is the question...We know B-5 has 6 story cap i believe so it could be to build higher to the 12 story TOD-1 cap...OR it could be other reasons, maybe parking reqs etc. One day I'll sit down and read the zoning code to better interpret these moves. 2. Movement out of city hall for our Lighthouse Diner redevelopment. LDIS and Stormwater related civil plans submitted. I reattached the rendering for visual appeal.
  14. Would be great to get something to complement the Fulton Yard project about to break ground across the street and to bring Orleans St back to the urban avenue it once was. I would love to see a mix of rowhomes and apartment over commercial bays fronting here. If this is done right, and Rockett's moves on those 2 parking lots down by Conch Republic sometime in near future as well, Orleans could end up being a main street in many ways.
  15. For me , a proposal that integrates into the urban grid and gives us a prominent design is most important. I was pulling for Cordish site at Movieland simply based on location along AA w/o seeing rendering but really like the Windy Creek site and rendering at the southern end of Machester's grid, could hurry urban development there. All other factors aside, the other proposals all seem to be suburban campus developments - doesn't really push the urban needle ...but that Windy Creek seems like a real chance to raise the density bar in that area and spur growth in an urban format. Torn because I want to see Cordish but I dont think we neeeed Cordish to make the Blvd great one day altho that makes most sense based on Richmond 300 goals.. but Windy Creek could really jumpstart a whole new urban node.. Sent from my SM-A600A using Tapatalk
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