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  1. No rendering. A successful rezoning application last year alluded to it in application materials. There will be an internal street between the 2 buildings along the old Denny St ROW and include some retail component. Discussion is on this thread back some pages.
  2. HJWA is a club - despite what they think, they don't actually approve anything. The land was sold and the new owner had a different vision - far from a 'bait and switch'. Not sure about zoning change - it has been zoned R-63 since 2007.
  3. hey the Californians leaving California are the rational ones.
  4. whw53

    Shockoe Bottom

    For sale - but with approved SUP - possibly an approved POD in hand though.
  5. whw53

    Near West End

    yea - I agree with @Brent114. Good to see new development south side of Broad but jeez - at the expense of the one building that espoused some attempt at urban form is unfortunate when there is so much to improve upon in this corridor. . The façade is quirky and has some mid-century character to it - i would love to know more about it's history. 1960's? - in a time when strip centers and suburban subdivisions were in full force one developer\architect decided to give the ol sidewalk retail and office one last try. So i always appreciated that early counter-vision for an otherwise auto-centric West Broad. I don't really know the history of this building but it would make good material for an Edwin Slipek commentary.
  6. That tract is back to square 1 if i remember correctly after RRHA pulled in the plug in 2020. Even so this baskervil concept was not the one that had moved forward under that solicitation. This has been on their site for years probably representing another proposal that did not get picked ast that time- it's wonderful but does not indicate anything forthcoming. https://richmondfreepress.com/news/2020/nov/05/jackson-ward-hotel-project-dies-after-dispute-rrha/
  7. Rezoning was introduced at council meeting a week ago. We have more information on this. Harland Construction is looking to re-locate their headquarters to this property. Under this plan they will build a 4 story building - the first floor will contain their office and possible other commercial uses while the top 3 floors will be apartments totaling 21 units. https://www.harlanconstruction.com/ https://richmondva.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=5738722&GUID=6EDFD125-1016-4030-AAAC-F10FFF6A6CE9&Options=&Search=
  8. @ancientcarpenterI think there are a bunch in the Monroe Ward thread.
  9. Doing the Lord's work @Brent114 Preach. RVA Dine Facebook playing victim politics - u cant make this stuff up.
  10. I thought they had already started on this project , no? Edit - Oh i meant the circle - i see now that the surrounding blocks on Maury have site layouts drawn in. Edit 2 - Hey that reminds me - I checked the council meeting from Monday - the 500 block Maury zoning was approved to TOD-1 on Monday (just south of this)
  11. Yea property was on the market - Legend had a chance to buy it. Sorry - not sorry. "Everything down - everything downtown will be gone" - Hilarious
  12. An item on tomorrows council docket is a petition for the city to vacate long unused ROW's that had been set aside for alley access in the block bounded by 3rd, 4th, Everett, and Maury. Staff report indicates this block will be the site of a '3 over 3' or townhome development and recommends approval. See snip below- I'm not sure what 3 over 3 means - '2 over 2' usually means stacked 2 story condos - we're seeing these rise at Overlook at Brewers Row and Carver Square. 3x3 would be 9 stories i suppose but maybe they are using this differently or meant 2 over 2.
  13. TOD as a zoning district was a win for less restriction in terms of what you could do or use the property for but it actually laid out a lot of form based controls at the same time.
  14. looks like placement, scale of parking within building as well as the ride-sharing\delivery circle feature - "The permit request, which was slated to go before the Richmond Planning Commission on July 18, seeks exemptions to location requirements for the structured parking, to allow spaces fronting the boulevard in the second-story deck, as well as a drop-off and pick-up area for ridesharing, taxis and vehicles making deliveries. Zoning requirements currently prohibit parking or vehicle circulation along principal street frontages."
  15. Yea TOD-1 text is actually what's holding this up here as it has specific use requirements for primary streets and the like - esp. with parking, circulation. This area has been zoned TOD-1 since 2017 under phase 1 of the city led pulse stations area related re-zonings.
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