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  1. I don't understand all the hate on South Falls - i think it has to be one of my favorite out of the Walter Parks shop , it seems to have a certain Scandinavian architectural influence to it, the sharpness of which works well sitting next to a body of water. https://scandification.com/guide-to-scandinavian-architecture/ https://www.twenty20.com/photos/787365e6-ff81-4c38-b67a-bb95769e7770 https://swt.eu/project-cases/ https://paulrobertlloyd.com/2020/02/oslo/ https://focusedcollection.com/189993828/stock-photo-modern-architecture-scandinavia-solna-sweden.html
  2. Saw a comment on Reddit the other day on a similar discussion on the Current. I linked the thread below. The comment is in reference to the Thalhimer block between 4th, 5th, Hull & Bainbridge - the block formerly part of the larger City View development that at one point had been reserved for a grocery store. This block was rezoned to TOD-1 a couple weeks back. From u\daemonrealm- Living right next to the lot (balcony faces it basically where this picture was taken). I see and hear things. Nothing happening for 2-3+ years. it is
  3. https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/07/21/117-townhomes-planned-for-hull-street-near-chippenham-parkway/ 117 unit townhome development to be built on wooded parcel next to the new middle school. While not the most urban product it looks like the developer was able to minimize surface parking by utilizing alleys on the units at the interior of the site. I also appreciate the trail connection to be built from Whitehead to Hull. New for sale housing stock should be popular in this area.
  4. whw53

    Shockoe Bottom

    Shockoe Small Area planning process finally released a draft plan ... link here > https://www.rva.gov/planning-development-review/shockoe-small-area-plan
  5. Permit activity came thru this week for the St. James Apartment Project - this will be the first piece of the multi-phase Stallings tract development on the block bounded by St. James, E. Charity, E Baker, and 1st. This will be the first market-rate ground up housing north of 95 in the Gilpin section of JWard in lord knows how long. This is big and comes on the heels of the renovation and market rate conversion of the St. Luke building across the street. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/selfservice#/plan/e347874c-1acc-4070-9faf-b35874824a24 https://energov.richmondgov.
  6. All kidding aside - RichmondBizSense does a good job putting context around whatever scraps we can find. Obviously our scouring process moves faster than formal journalism and i appreciate the legwork they provide. Having 2 or 3 new BizSense articles a day is almost like Christmas every morning - it is certainly the first media i consume every day. Sometime in my head i feel like a project isn't official until BizSense takes it up. We are very lucky to have them as a source and an alternate forum. - the repetition of their stories keeps us talk'n doesn't it. Anyway, looks like they upd
  7. Yawn - Looks like BizSense found our Leigh Addition flyer. Come on give us something new! https://richmondbizsense.com/2021/07/12/developer-plans-building-for-lacy-owned-property-on-arthur-ashe-blvd/
  8. A 'Moore St portfolio' of undeveloped land in the Newtowne neighborhood is on the market. This is an expansion of what was previously only the tract closest to Leigh which has been on the market for some time. https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/KPpPxRALtfTFD5AAvYdId3zRENfQXp8Yy4aSRn__Yyg/Email PKG Moore Street Portfolio.pdf https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/Moore-Street-Portfolio/23281343/ Land is in opportunity zone, hopefully we get a bite here. Something dense like the Carver Square product would be great to see.
  9. whw53

    Monroe Ward

    A couple surface lots along Grace have hit the market. They are being marketed as development land. Note the parcel at 101 E Grace is contiguous with the midblock property at 109 E Grace that Thalhimer has expressed interest in re-developing (by removing the parking function in service to off site existing development). https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/115-N-Foushee-St-Richmond-VA/22141433/ https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/iiR0G7oqjBrLh2LPQ0lX_i2icMjg9udYxDvEyCmA1X8/Development Land.pdf Seller is Jim's Family Corporation. Both are currently being used as private paid parking lots a
  10. And now .... for the plans! What do y'all think? Nothing fancy, but certainly fresh - sort of reminds me of the 1510 Bainbridge project w\ the addition of commercial space. Renderings were blah there as well but drove by the other day and it is turning out really nice. https://richmondva.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=5022713&GUID=AB3D52A6-8231-40BF-B99E-F4541D1A9216&Options=&Search=
  11. Good news - and thanks to @rjp212for getting ahead of this one a few months back. This is the aforementioned Leigh Addition project. Given it's prime location along the Blvd and the high quality portfolio of the listed architect i can't wait to see renderings for the anticipated 7 or 8 story new build slated for the southern end of this site.
  12. Great topic @I miss RVA. What I'm hoping for the second half of the year is to see some dirt turning. The last 6 months have been a blast of planning actions, studies and project announcements , we added a lot of blue to the map .. now I'm ready to flip some of those to the orange. What i see breaking ground in the next 6 months or the top contenders to do so are the following. In Manchester - The Box, The Tidewater, The Commodore, UDA project at 124 W 9th St & the infill developments at 1114 Hull\Lighthouse Diner site. All these are ready to go planning wise or are getti
  13. whw53

    Monroe Ward

    Nice find @rjp212! - isnt this the same site as Eagle's Foushee Mews project though? Could this have been an alternative submission or maybe the project is back at the drawing boards? I swear i saw permit activity recently for this site though.
  14. This thread been crickets! I got something neat here to push this one to the top - Conceptual plan filed with the CAR this week for a tract along Marhall St. From permit description comment - Demolition of existing buildings; construction of a new, 3-story, mixed-use building. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/selfservice#/plan/984f6965-7f0c-42a7-b767-269cad329bd1
  15. Concept renderings revealed for this project as SUP item was introduced to city council this week. The illustrations below are listed under Concept C but all are similar in massing - seems like the divergence is mostly in the 3rd story. Full case materials\concept renderings here - https://richmondva.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=5013405&GUID=B1F1ABB5-9315-4BCB-A6DB-D5A00076DBD9&Options=&Search=
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