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  1. Renderings for the above mentioned Level2 project at 1201 N Arthur Ashe.
  2. New rezoning filed this week , which would take half a block along Rockbridge to TOD-1. Property comprises the Ambience Lofts. If this is to set up a re-development play - this could mark the first time a property that characterized the first wave of residential re-adaptation in Scott's is revisited as Scott's enters a second wave of redevelopment largely charactered by new construction. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/plan/ce152130-7460-4b3c-8536-ad2f613d9b63
  3. City Council passed the following re-zonings into the city zoning map at their Monday meeting. Both have been discussed here. 1. 600 Decatur St (B7 to B4) 2. 1200 Dinwiddie (M1 to B7)
  4. Yea i don't dwell too much on the comparison with Raleigh, but this short list of cities is pocked with bad planning as well and should be held away even further. Heavy handed growth boundaries, elitist zoning and just poor administration in a number of other areas have made these latter 2 cities extremely hard to live affordably and to do business in. The former 2 are too consumed with their historical scale. Playgrounds for the rich? all 4 of these fit the bill.
  5. because you know deep down they don't need these facilities - exhibit 24652 in higher ed glut.
  6. Thalhimer is building in a customer base for their BLVD centerpiece Raising Cane's. - A new POD was filed last week for their recent purchase at 1801 Ellen Rd directly adjacent to that upcoming Scott's Walk development. The filing comment shows indicates a 7-story mixed use development with 148 dwellings and 12,000 sf of medical office and 3000 sf of lobby/commercial and 168 parking spaces. It will be make sense to have the medical space so close. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/plan/998fc13f-dfeb-4b8b-a749-1116613aca6f?tab=contacts
  7. A ZCL filed last week shows that the Maaco Service Center at 3318 West Broad will be converted into a large format bar\restaurant of some sort. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/plan/40c57dcd-e12e-4748-a167-1bda25f5afb7?tab=attachments
  8. this one seems to have been missed by local media and by us but this 6 or 7 story former office building on the property of Michael & Son Services Services on Cummings St.. has been converted to apartments. 'The Tower RVA' https://www.rentcafe.com/apartments/va/richmond/tower-rva-apartments/default.aspx Additionally, hear say says that further work there entails converting another section of the complex to a large format entertainment destination complete with bowling, multiple bars and a restraunt.
  9. Ok got a doozy for us. Two sites controlled by Dominion - 707 East Main. & 620 E Cary. - highlighted in image. check out these ZCL's filed earlier this week- 707 E. Main **EXPEDITED REQUEST** Existing use: Office Tower. Proposed use: High Rise Apartments and Ground Floor Retail/Office. The buyer is proposing a conversion from a office to multifamily up to 300 units, potentially with retail, office, or both on the ground floor. The proposed plan is to use historical credits to preserve and renovate the existing building into apartments. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/plan/c6fad4ee-7058-4e6d-b6ad-6d86b8c3f647 620 E Cary St. **EXPEDITED REQUEST** Existing use: Parking Garage. Proposed use: High Rise Apartments and Ground Floor Retail/Office. The buyer is proposing a conversion from a parking garage to multifamily up to 300 units, potentially with retail, office, or both on the ground floor. The proposed plan is to reinforce the existing parking and build up to 300 apartments on top of it- an engineer gave us a preliminary opinion that this is possible. It would have commercial (non-multifamily) if necessary by zoning. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/plan/c50420ed-58a7-4816-93cf-cf43bf37545c?tab=locations wow looks like upwards of 600 residential units could be coming to the heart of the financial district on top of a lot of the momentum we are seeing now just around the corner at the Douglas and Mutual Building projects. Take that with the upcoming Canal walk projects and i think we are going to start seeing downtown really mature service and amenity wise in the next 5 years. it was inevitable but projects in this sector and all the new found momentum in Monroe Ward has me revising down that time-frame. Big win for downtown if these conversions and new construction move forward in short order. Dominion willing to go big here makes me hopeful for an even grander plan for their pit. I wonder about this Genesis Property group listed though - they don't really have the portfolio to match these types of projects. Hopefully the right people are brought in. https://www.genesisproperties.com/development/
  10. New project to track y'all - SUP filed yesterday for property at 1701 Roseneath Road block north of where the Otis is rising. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/plan/56ac2f16-b220-4aec-95c9-086502b14fc0?tab=locations Site is currently industrial yard for and owned by Richmond Machine Co. Stats at the submission show 250 units, 4,000 sqft commercial space - which puts us somewhere between 6 to 8 stories I'd reckon?
  11. No project homepage yet but here's the release from Crescent to accompany the above- https://www.crescentcommunities.com/media/press/novel-scotts-addition/
  12. looks like more dirt is to be turned along Semmes - almost ignored this one as i thought it was for Belle Heights Phase 2, but no this ZCL covers the 2 tracts directly west controlled by Bulifant Construction Group. New project would bring 80-100 units onto this corridor - ok, punting to now to RichmondBizSense for the deets! https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/plan/19fc75ed-1afb-4ddf-96cb-344a0999792c fyi here is a quick markup of current dev projects along Semmes (from cowardin) Yellow - Thalhimer retail project (under construction) light blue- Vytal Studios (under construction) reddish - Belle Heights ph 1 - townhomes - (under construction) green - Belle Heights ph 2 - apartments - (planning) dark blue - The Hollands at Perry St. (SCDHA housing project) - duplexes - (under construction) Magenta - new Bulifant project (planning) i may have the line a little off between Belle Hights and Vytal but you get the point - also the Fresenius facility is under construction as well - directly south of Cowardin from the Thalhimer corner slot.
  13. I've been trying to keep both districts up to data on the dev map. Scope out that orange.
  14. @Lluck002thanks for the info. I was thinking more narrowly where a public entity controls a tract (like our Diamond District) and instead of RFP'ing it off as a project to a developer or 2 simply lays a street grid and subdivides, maybe facilitates utilities then auctions off the individual parcels to a variety of actors that build their one pieces. The Tysons case is interesting - the development there is impressive but as you said still so disjointed and super-slow moving that It will be many decades for the original 'edge city' to come into a true urban form. I hope it works and feels like a city.
  15. Not every project may suit your or my design preferences but I'm of the position that markets do a better job shaping and evolving city form and meeting the economic needs of the average citizen in the long run than heavy handed planning actions that rest on the whim of a detached bureaucracy. The power they exert today can be bent another way tomorrow and as cities in the west are primarily economic agglomerations its market urbanism that keeps cities relevant and human scale. It's really not either- or- tho -with citing 'free market' in regards to the Novel project i was making a play on that overly-dichotic theme being driven in earlier comments. There is role for planning in a modern city but it should be light touch , supplemental, and lean towards incentives, environmental concerns, and disseminating information. in regards to @Brent114idea of carving up the land into parcels and laying a grid - I've often thought of this but have never found a modern example of this happening. This was largely how cities grew with 'additions' in prior stages of growth but that relied on a settlement geography of large tracts adjacent to a grid. Landowners would extend the grid themselves often and deed the lots. Really just an exercise in subdivision - would be interesting to review a history of what private or public design covenants were typically part of that process. Edit - to me, the beauty of seeing Richmond blossoming the way it is is that it's happening, as in all western cities to different degrees, organically thru market forces- Scott's, Manchester and on. An authority seizing land and decreeing high rises through out the city would be something else entirely and of no interest to me no matter how tall those buildings are. Cities in this appreciation are manifestations of classical liberal economics , not planning fiefs for the connected elite.
  16. Zoom link to the Historic JW meeting tomorrow. Email i got has an item for 'development updates'. I can not attend but if anyone wants to take the fall on this it would be a great service. oin Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8836101622?pwd=N1M4SG40WGZuUERIbUxIeHpTSGRSZz09
  17. I'm in! Hopefully there would be multiple construction sites to tour by then in Jackson Ward.
  18. meanwhile the free market is turning loose across the street - demo at the Wesco site for the Novel project has begun.
  19. Yea we caught the amended POD docs few months - it may have been pushed off the top page quickly due to the fallout - i've come around though and am glad to see this breaking ground soon . When I saw the headline tho it did feel like RBS scratching at old wounds for a minute. Actually, surprised this wasn't reported earlier.
  20. According to RTD Chipotle is opening at City View Marketplace. https://richmond.com/entertainment/dining/chipotle-is-coming-to-richmonds-manchester-neighborhood/article_dd5e58d1-d0be-5b97-9395-d9f7cb3a178f.html Sent from my SM-A125U1 using Tapatalk
  21. Ha - this whole neighborhood smells like a Porta potty. I would say waive it! Sent from my SM-A125U1 using Tapatalk
  22. plans filed today to demolish structures on the silo site. https://energov.richmondgov.com/EnerGov_Prod/SelfService/richmondvaprod#/plan/294be033-6fd9-4064-bedc-919c603c7710
  23. @I miss RVAit just means there are still ends to tie up. A development of this caliber has a lot of engineering documents behind it - could be staff want more clarification on one thing, something doesn't align etc. You will usually see a couple of those fails before a passed. Also, the portal is sometimes not up to date.
  24. I believe its one of the bays across the street - the City View Marketplace development.
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