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  1. As excited as I am about the Anderson connection.....I think plenty of trees are gonna fall...and I reckon alot are gonna come down between Delaney and Mills. Hopefully the stately oaks along the Greenwood wetlands and cemetary area can be saved. Losing some turn lanes (particulary at Crystal Lake) is gonna suck. Maybe some compromises can be made. I dunno. No worries. Cheers. JRC.
  2. I like that section as well. But..everytime I bike through there I hear Frodo Baggins saying "Get off the road" No worries. Cheers. p.s. I have never felt threatened there (and have biked that section hundreds of times),
  3. Not yesterday, the way people were driving around, I assumed NASCAR was sanctioning an event through the neighborhood. Yeah...perhaps I should have said in theory "it is low speed in that area". I have sent several complaints to the city regarding the speed of the thoroughfare streets in this neighborhood (Bumby, Primrose and Crystal Lake). It is ridiculous how brazen some drivers are in a 25 mph zone. There are a couple of "real time" speed warning signals on Crystal Lake but I see vehicles roaring past at 35-45 mph all the time (some even faster)....the school signal (when flashing) at Lake Arnold will slow everybody down most of the time...but that is about it (and only during school hours). There is very little space between street and sidewalk (at certain points) on these streets (particularly CLD) and somebody whipping past going 40 mph is always frightening. Getting pretty frustrating at this point. Cheers.
  4. Okay. No worries. Franchise pie to gourmet popcorn seems about right. The DNA of the milk district is slightly weird..and I hope it always stays that way. Cheers.
  5. Hey spenser1058...what did the Kernel Encore spot used to be? That building looks like it has few stories to tell. No worries. Cheers.
  6. I regularly bike on the Livingston bike lanes (from OEA to Lynx) as well as the Bumby bike trail (between Colonial and Corrine). I occasionally venture south (from Colonial) or north (from Livingston) on Bumby. Riding feels pretty safe between Livingston and Concord (where the bike lanes are) but then I usually ride the sidewalk where there are no lanes. It is kinda odd to have "bike lanes" around Lake Como but none from Livingston (to Como) or from Como to Curry Ford. Not sure if the road is wide enough south of the lake....but some "bike share" signage or road paint might help (it is low speed in that area). North of Corrine is a shortcut to Mead Gardens (following Palm Lane). It is not included as part of the "Urban Trail' but it should be. Palm Lane is as bumpy as a gator back but once you reach the end you can turn left on Lakeside Drive and traverse a tiny gap in the trees with a steel pole (and alot of tree roots) in the way. From there it is smooth sailing to Mead Gardens, the Urban Trail, the Winter Park trail and points beyond. I wish the city would make that transition easier and include that as part of the Urban Trail system route. Apologies....as I have ventured out of the Milk District for part of this post. Bike lanes from Colonial to the 408 (and south) are needed and would be welcome. No worries. Cheers.
  7. With all the projects going on it is hard to keep up....but it broke my heart to see that the old Live Oak tree (in that small fenced off green space just south of the courthouse) fell under the saw recently. Razed to the ground (completely). I have no idea what is going to be built there (and am too tired to search) but it is sad to see an old tree like that (in the center of downtown) just discarded and trashed. Cheers.
  8. Yeah. The scrapyard is completely bypassed now. The new trail also slips right past (and around) the mulch area. There is a chainlink fence between the trail and mulch pile as you cross the railroad tracks. There is very little seperation between the two as the new trail connects to the old in the "goat path" area (and no fencing there). There is the potential for a little sloppy debris spillage along the fence and around the curve....so be on the lookout for stray mulch there. All in all it is a nice new section and a MUCH NEEDED (and long overdue) improvement to CST. Cheers. JRC.
  9. Heads up for all you "Long Rangers".....the Layer Elementary gap on Cross Seminole Trail is complete. I ventured to Big Tree Park on Sunday and the new section is fully rideable (complete with trail railroad crossing signals/flashers/arms at the tracks). Very nice. No worries and happy biking. Cheers.
  10. I kinda figured a "store expansion" was the case.....but...man....that is an enormous amount of retail space....."Floor & Decor and More and More" I reckon. I guess I was hoping for something a little bit more interesting for that spot. No worries. Cheers.
  11. A large "Floor & Decor" sign appeared today on the front of the Fashion Square Mall extension (former Sears location) that was originally going to be an Orchard Supply store. For some reason I thought that a gym was gonna move into that spot. F&D has been residing "next" to that location for a year or two. Have they just moved next door or have they expanded to take over that whole west end of the Fashion Square complex? Anybody know? Just wondering. No worries. Cheers.
  12. I biked down Orange Ave (from Lake Highland) on Sunday and can confirm it is a disaster area. It is completely "busted up" in that stretch....trees down (some still laying on the ground)..stumps exposed....sidewalk broken up as well. Lots of road barriers in place. Wasn't expecting that amount of demolition. The "existing" bike lane is still there (barely). Temporary barriers are in place along Magnolia also (around Weber). No activity on Weber Street (between Magnolia and Orange) other than recently completely drainage related (I think) stuff. If the new trail section leads to (and from) the Colonial overpass bridge I'm still not sure why parking is going to be removed from the west side of Orange Ave south of the bridge overpass to Colonial. Oh well. No worries. Cheers.
  13. Kinda odd to see an Aldi in that Lucky's spot (man...they were gone in a hot second). Nice storefront for them, however. I visit Petsmart (for my herd) fairly regularly. I'll have to pop in there the next time I need some kibble for my little four legged dudes. I've been to the Aldi on Semoran a couple of times. Found a few good deals on frozen stuff. No worries. Cheers. Also....R.I.P. Maguire Pizza Hut. I did not grow up in Orlando...but Pizza Hut was a staple of my youth (in a southern galaxy far far away).
  14. Same. Seems to be the easiest route from the bridge to the trail along Lake Highland. ALSO...the Dinky Line Train mural (between Virginia and Ferris Ave) has been restored. For those who don't know..it got graffiti/tagged awhile back. I would pass by there and often see the artist painting it. Nice guy. Anyway...I don't know if they were able to scrub the grafitti off or if the artist just repainted it...but it is back...and looks like it never got altered. Just passing this info along. Cheers. JRC.
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