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  1. No, I think you’re right. Pretty sure this one broke ground well before Hyatt Centric and we see where both of those projects are respectively.
  2. Been noticing some land/ground clearing and grading on the spot I’ve outlined in the screenshot I’ve provided. I had read of a redevelopment they were considering there, but have never heard anything in to relation of it actually being approved, or breaking ground; something to keep an eye on. Article linked, as well http://www.williamsonherald.com/communities/watson-glen-project-aims-to-move-royal-oaks-development-corridor-forward/article_e2d7783a-aac4-11ea-9e4d-1bc4d78065c5.html
  3. Yeah, unfortunately it’s going to take a while it seems; but this entire section of Franklin already looks so nice, and I really can’t wait to see how this one turns out. Carothers Parkway is going to be crazy in a few years.
  4. Here’s a big one that I just remembered, too. Work has begun on the Southeastern Municipal Complex Park. It will be located off the new portion of Carothers south of the Williamson County DMV where Ladd Park and other communities have been popping up. A few renderings below and a link https://www.franklintn.gov/government/departments-k-z/parks/park-locations/new-southeastern-park-complex-infomation
  5. None taken. Just figured I could provide a little insight as to what’s going on around here. I try to keep up as well as I can, but most of these you guys actually keep up with pretty well. The apartments of Carothers Crossing West look to be coming along very nicely and it appears that they’re starting the retail portions of that project now. The Mack Hatcher extension from Hillsboro Rd to Highway 96 west is almost complete too. I’ll keep a lookout as I’m driving around.
  6. Agreed. I don’t know if it’s the same company, but there’s a hotel being built in Cool Springs on Bakers Bridge that has a similar design to this one and is looking soooo much better
  7. Sorry, as I know this was asked previously, but I missed the answer; do we know if they’re planning to build this out completely now or are they just building the garage?
  8. Thanks for the insight. I agree that there is plenty of open space to build a big boy one day. It’s also not so bad that if we do start getting them, all the other infill is practically done. I’m just impatient is all. Nashville still looks great either way.
  9. Love this shot. Look how dense SoBro is . Then once Four Seasons is done...
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