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  1. Agreed. I don’t know if it’s the same company, but there’s a hotel being built in Cool Springs on Bakers Bridge that has a similar design to this one and is looking soooo much better
  2. Sorry, as I know this was asked previously, but I missed the answer; do we know if they’re planning to build this out completely now or are they just building the garage?
  3. Thanks for the insight. I agree that there is plenty of open space to build a big boy one day. It’s also not so bad that if we do start getting them, all the other infill is practically done. I’m just impatient is all. Nashville still looks great either way.
  4. Love this shot. Look how dense SoBro is . Then once Four Seasons is done...
  5. Yeah there was a rink that closed a few years ago and I’m not sure why. Maybe it was financial, but it seemed like there was always some tournaments going on there.
  6. To be fair, most of the residences in that area are rather new, as well. Was plenty of opposition for Ladd Park and Berry Farms I would imagine. i actually play hockey occasionally, and yes, it’s extremely annoying to have to go all the way to Bellevue or Antioch to play. I say build it. The areas not going to look the same in 10 years, regardless.
  7. First of all, incredible shot. Thanks for posting. Secondly, if Nashville can manage to have another decade similar to the one previously, then oh man, it’s gonna be sweet. Here’s to hoping COVID doesn’t slow things too much.
  8. It’s crazy. I moved to Franklin in 2007 and attended Page Middle School and it reminded me of the town I moved from (Greenbrier in Robertson County). Now the growth is exploding out there and the College Grove/Rudderville/Peytonsville area is turning into Brentwood. Just completely blows my mind.
  9. Was wondering what happened. Was extremely low on gas and got stopped right before the traffic circle.
  10. My personal favorite project right now. The height is obviously a factor, but it’s adding great density, and adding to my favorite view of the skyline (heading south at the 24/65 merger). Can’t wait for this one to finish.
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