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  1. I remember my Elementary school (I think?) taking us there on a field trip. It was interesting to see.
  2. No, the joke wasn’t that workers would use it I believe it. Maybe I should have added Only* to that sentence my mistake. My statement only referred to the fact that gyms no matter where they are would be used by those around it. People will drive a distance to go to one but then again the pandemic was hard on gyms in general overall.
  3. Was the idea that office workers would pop by and workout during lunch? Or… lol.
  4. Lowes tower and 110 East Crane. Won’t be so lonely in a few years from this view… the line on the right edge of the picture just barely visible over the tree line.
  5. View from the Airport Today: Camera really smoothed out all the noise lol:
  6. Oh to be spoiled again with such a massive development. Looks great and will further continue to close the gap between uptown and southend. Inching ever closer!
  7. If they don’t duke should slap it right on their blank wall facing now, Brooklyn Village Ave. would do great there.
  8. Why is that short stretch of street even an avenue?? Should be Rd. Or St. A real pain for what could have been Brooklyn Ave. in uptown.
  9. Urban grid… I didn’t mean as in slap a grid on it and call it a day. I was referring to something more intentional. See certain sections look ~OK~ but those cul-da-sacs would be more helpful if connected to an actual street? What is the need for those? Suburban street grids makes getting around on foot a pain depending on where you live. Especially when there aren’t decent pedestrian infrastructure. The town center looks okay. It’s dense. Somewhat grid-like. I’m not totally against the design or the development, but that post-war suburban design is really tiresome to see. Most of Charlotte is just that. Here’s a few quick marks I made to things I see. Red is something I see in design that looks off or could pose some difficulties for walkability. Green generally is okay. (I would see most people who want that small community/town feel and walkability wanting to live here. I did see they want to have trails and maybe they’ll have greenways and if they can connect places in ways roads can’t that would make things better. CMS being to the side like that in this designed master plan can usually mean one of two things… 1. It’s an afterthought 2. It was late and added in the most convenient spot. My last peace: It’s decent project and isn’t all bad. I just hope that it doesn’t turn out like Ballantyne before reimagined. A focus on walkability would help its suburban look and increased access to basic amenities that would agree with 2040-plan of 10-minute neighborhoods where you don’t necessarily have to drive because you NEED to. I think it could be a cool place.
  10. Looks like Brooklyn Village Avenue has been put into place. https://www.instagram.com/p/CfZkRk3J1Ks/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= From Axios
  11. From this angle it looks like it’s just right up against WFCC
  12. Dilworth is mostly a grid and not the modern disconnected neighborhoods in the last half of the last century and all of this one. If it were more like dilworth it wouldn’t be as bad sprawl. That grid format is one reason why it is revered. It’s just this: Doesn’t resemble this: It appears that there’s a correlation between being a desirable neighborhood if generally a grid. It’s more walkable. Simply much more sustainable. I wouldn’t necessarily say I don’t like this development for being suburban alone. If it’s going to get done so be it. It is the fact that despite the community-based theme they have… it just resembles what any suburban neighborhood in charlotte would look like and not actually a community. People who want a more from “ring cities” small town feel… this isn’t exactly what those towns look like and definitely won’t achieve the same feel. This first phase in particular isn’t what I would refer to when I’m saying these comments more so the outlying plans for those weird satellites suburban style sfh neighborhoods. Those kinds of neighborhoods create disconnect and isolation. Most of all aren’t walkable.
  13. Don’t really like this development… similar to Ballantyne as it too was first meant to be a mixed use community and not just a corporate park. It’s really just sprawl. That money land development could have been spent on something more dense. This is the ultimate sprawl though with it going on extremely forested area and now many trees torn down for this sprawl. I like the idea of a river walk which isn’t even in the plans thus far and the fact that it isn’t transit connected makes even less appealing imo. I don’t see how the benefits outweigh the costs here. The school being down that long road and secluded is just embarrassing. Are they trying to hide the kids? Are they trying to make intentionally harder to reach? Because If they’re doing that for “safety” ( which that may not be the case they just are terrible at making decisions ) there isn’t anything that long road can stop any incident from occurring. In fact it just pushes the school away from the community where it is not easily accessed by those who actually need to gain access. Not entirely sure who’s idea was it to put it there. Walkability is not so great when there are an astonishing amounts of SFH Lots all down a long road ending in the prevalent cul-de-sacs I see there. The sprawl is sprawling itself. Doesn’t give me that town feel as the houses themselves transition into the town enter like say Lincolnton, waxhaw, or concord. Just looks like center with disconnected SFH neighborhoods floating around connected by long roads. With the size of this development I hope they incorporate street trees. That would definitely be a plus at least and lots of them. I’m sure it would resemble the area around premium outlets with a slightly more density and mixed uses throughout but the overall idea is the same… and I find that glum…
  14. Well hopefully for the apartments there won’t be many parking spaces or if any at all since it is sharing the deck with the line. It may want to take some from The Joinery. I think the Line has enough for both the office and that apartment building and any more would likely be excessive.
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