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  1. I rode the Blue line today for the first time! Almost it’s full length to get to the university. It was interesting to see the projects in person versus images…they really are massive the developments are especially in south end. I’m usually not in SouthEnd much, but it seemed very nice and vibrant this Saturday morning. It was nice seeing people run and walk on the rail trail in person. Since im usually not around there it may seem silly that I say these things, but looking at it live or even actually being there is something words can not always describe in full detail. Quite a few people on
  2. Hmm…look at this rendering and see if you can get some idea of what they’re doing. (It’s better than me trying to explain it because am not too sure myself).
  3. I wouldn’t say I feel strongly about the N.C. thing but the excuses of not knowing where it is…I think they just put NC because why not. For those who confuse it…Google is free and a few touch/clicks and taps/presses away…
  4. ^ Yeah you gotta remember… generally people don’t like thinking too hard so they stop processing names after Char unless there’s N.C. after it… *sarcasm here but sadly I wouldn’t say it’s entirely untrue*
  5. Yeah, at least in terms of density it seems great…at least on paper. Perhaps it’s just the SFH and the way it’s arranged. Seeing cul-de-sacs also throw me off. I think they are a very suburban feature which these roads could be set up to be much more pedestrian friendly which cul-de-sacs are not.
  6. To be honest…i am not sure who feels this way too, it may be just me- but this just feels very suburbia to me. The density is questionable windy roads which typically aren’t bad but this project kind of reminds of a single family zoning area. It’s low density and the plan look uninspired. I am not saying I am against this development, but if you’re talking about light rail access I’d say it would need to be pretty dense and populated for demand to warrant its own spur line. I guess it would also be it’s own catapult spur where it would be a launching pad for a new line, but building it then wo
  7. Hopefully more new productive and inclusive beginnings…
  8. Yes, I often on late days on campus at Charlotte sometimes chat with the bus drivers and it turns out some of them are from the northeast. I spoke with an older man who was from the New York. They truly appreciate it when we shout a Thank you, Have a good one/evening, etc.
  9. I mean… I guess Edit: Also this model of monorail is a six-car
  10. I hope that this was supposed to be in blue text…
  11. I think these are pictures of what you may be referring to: http:// https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2016/05/26/2-million-lobby-renovation-of-400-south-tryon-now.html Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. If it weren’t so translucent.. and looked like a cheap plastic fence.
  13. Unfortunately many people think of land use as something that makes revenue and not everything necessarily has to follow a revenue stream. Parks are assets but very rarely do parks ever make revenue. As much as I wish Charlotte could get rid of parking around its core especially…the transportation options to its core and within it (to a lesser extent) are not mature enough to reduce our significant reliance on cars. Therefore, parking decks are necessary for the office commuters…Transit coverage and reliability seem to be a lacking aspect in the Charlotte Area, but really the rest of the South
  14. I am a STEM student (Engineering) and I feel slightly offended by this last remark…lol, no but I agree…somewhat. I’d like it if there were more trees on campus. The sun beating down on you during this summer was making a walking trip on the crazy hills on campus a hell walk. I told one of my peers I wanted more trees and they told me there were enough… I said no… We need much more especially lining the sidewalks!! The STEM buildings are great IMO, but I would also like more canopy shading.
  15. Judging from the map and assuming that all those dots are the 157 Homicides, then yes that is only the city proper of Atlanta with a population of ~500k. The rate of Homicide in Atlanta is obviously going to be much higher than Charlotte’s 123 Homicides with a population of ~910k. Also if you look at the homicides in Charlotte, you find that most of them occur in the poorer “curve” area that surrounds the “wedge” of Charlotte… outside Charlotte’s CBD, Southend, Midtown.
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