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  1. Their downtown limit is actually 700-900’ and 1000’ on the furthest end from the airport. It is not any more restricted than Charlotte with CLT also being relatively close. Boston is a tough cookie, I agree. Charlotte is getting there! FAA is limiting heights I’m sure and I have been wanting to find a map similar to this with the height restrictions they have for Charlotte.
  2. The Website was updated with new plans. https://queensbridgecollective.com
  3. It’s based on an estimate of another site and not from a source “in the know.”
  4. Pretty sure the issue was more the tenants than the actual layout itself…nooks and crannies are one thing that makes urban places “whimsical” and certainly I’ve been been there after it’s fall never I don’t think in it’s prime (Mar 2019) but it definitely felt worth exploring even at that time. In terms of “opening outward” I can see that less of an issue with the layout and more the facade. Something that could be renovated to include more space facing the street instead of what really is just dead zones…
  5. Those are isolated but are/were part of the Apps or at least what’s left, though yes it’s the closest Mountains (not really true mountains since they’re less than 1000’) to Charlotte! Though cameras aside from proper lenses for correction are not true to eye-vision so the mountains are much more visible than the image leads on. You can zoom in and you can see the Appalachians proper.
  6. Just some misc. photos of SouthEnd.
  7. Yesterday Afternoon - Mostly from Honeywell HQ Wish we had an Observation Deck/Tower with a restaurant. It’s an amazing view up 23 stories up, imagine higher up. South Park and Ballantyne (cut in two by the bar) in the distance.
  8. I still fail to see what is so bad about an underground bus hub. Aside from ventilation- though from what I’ve read CATS intends to go electric anyways? Eventually. Other than that no other significantly impactful negatives that I can think of off the top of my head. If someone could perhaps explain more specifically why they wouldn’t recommend it. Denver’s is a case brought up frequently, but what exactly causes the issues? I don’t think it’s necessarily being underground alone. Otherwise, you could make conclusions that subterranean stations would cause the same issues, though some thought tunneling would be the best option. What’s the difference between these two despite both being underground? Clearly what negatively affects Denver’s hub isn’t the fact that it’s underground, but some other factor. Perhaps being underground creates a synergistic relationship and not a root cause. Just a few thoughts I had while reading the recent comments. Also questioning whether it should be in uptown is an interesting idea to think about…but looking into councilmen’s ideals and what districts they represent… I dare advise all to take their questioning lightly. Though I’d say personally and more so for the benefit of all bus users that a look into the statistics of bus ridership, where people are located, where most want to be, etc. and using the data to determine if uptown is the appropriate and most efficient location would be a good thing to know before officially committing. I say this if they haven’t done so already.
  9. Where has a soccer stadium been proposed? I’ve been hearing this joke, but haven’t seen any proposals for it anywhere?
  10. JeanClt


    Don’t know about Rea, but yeah. That road should not get expanded. It’s already wide.
  11. Waiting for the 7th and Tryon/Spirt Square redevelopment to fill that gap between Truist and 525 N Tryon/The Ellis
  12. Perhaps one day we’ll engineer a way to reuse those integrated parking decks. When you have engineers there’s always a way. I hold out hope for that: if it is necessary, it will be done. Still sucks we depend so much on it though!
  13. Also considering the fact that this project isn’t very tall, isn’t adding more parking, AND helps preserve the facade of this building as to preserve the original structures architecture at ground and incorporating a nice low or mid? Rise on top with good design and materials. On the other hand I’ve seen historic buildings that have been bulldozed and delaying the development didn’t stop that from happening. I think this is a good project that satisfies the blocks aesthetic and architecture while adding on top a nice building and improving the old to add more natural light, but overall the same feel and material. Not many projects do this “add-on” to the nice-looking older one story buildings in Charlotte. This project I believe includes retail which that side of Worthington Ave. (across from Lowes Tech) would benefit from a pedestrian perspective as well as the alley way. I see a skew of positives versus negatives compared to other projects in similar circumstances. Well…at least other projects like such in Charlotte.
  14. Yep! The canopy itself is supported by columns in the new lobby, so yeah the canopy can’t be finished until the lobby structure is done.
  15. Found it on Google Street View
  16. Glad to hear! For clarification’s sake, I meant currently due to testing. Once it is implemented fully and released it should be more useful and obviously reliable.
  17. By nothing else: I mean other than mainly Dilworth and sparingly midtown. Nothing else. Should have been more specific with that.
  18. Considering it’s not announced…it probably Suggests it’s in testing…so it’s likely not going to be reliable. So yeah, it might not be working when you expect it to.
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