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  1. I actually emailed the company about green-screens on parking garages and they said they do this, but no concepts currently in Charlotte. Any way the city can incentivize this to get done...and it's a local company...
  2. Are you still confident about 10 Tryon?
  3. This might be a silly comment, but I stopped by the new public library on South Boulevard on Saturday. At the site is a one-story, single-use structure with a parking lot. I thought to myself, given the urgent need for housing, couldn't this have been a multi-story building with affordable apartments up top and a ground floor library and coffee shop?
  4. Not going to lie, I love the building Arrival is moving into. I despise the look of 2100 S Tryon. Please, someone teach me what to appreciate about it. Not sure which thread this belongs in, but I just came across a Memphis thread for a billion-dollar downtown project there called "The Walk on Union," and wondered why nothing like it has been proposed for Uptown. I mean, it's Memphis.
  5. Where does one find this latest map?
  6. Do you believe their West Trade project to be of higher quality than Uptown 550?
  7. I just put a place under contract in the Wesley Heights area. If all goes as planned, I'll be moving there from South End (right next to Atherton Mill) early next month. I certainly hope this area continues to evolve. I will miss sauntering to an adjacent wine bar or to a pub to watch a game in the way that I access those things in South End. The new place in Wesley Heights is still largely residential with few entertainment spots to just walk to. These adaptive reuse projects currently abounding in the area are certainly intriguing and creative, but I hope they go a little easy on making the asphalt seas of parking such prominent features in these developments.
  8. Would it be fair to think of this initiative as building academic prestige and renown from scratch? No history to point to, no track record, no discoveries, no patents, no famous benefactors... are we generations from realizing a bit of the touted promise of this transaction?
  9. I've assumed the medical school site will be in Midtown. Is that far from a given? Any chance this might end up in the suburbs, or will this be in center city?
  10. Might be off-base here, but I bristle at the idea of using Atlanta, Houston, or even Dallas as models for what uptown Charlotte should aspire to
  11. White Point seeking to rezone to TOD-UC, the densest of the TOD zones adopted by Council last year. It is a conventional rezoning request, so plans for the rezoning don't have to be submitted. That's really the pith of the article.
  12. Sorry for my impatience, but I'm so desperate for the lot behind the Lowe's Tech Center, and across Hawkins, to get developed. Right now, it's some depressing truck yard. So ready for South End to completely fill-in, to have built-out corridors of dense and interesting pedestrian engagements. That's when you know the 'hood has arrived. If there were a grassroots movement to convert Camden Road into Camden (or South End) Square...a public square/plaza for max walkability and gathering, lined with retail, craftsmen, office, and civic uses and fully accessible to light rail, I'd be very hopeful for Camden Road as the best candidate for my "corridor vision." Anyone else share this sentiment?
  13. Love the idea. Perhaps the Camp North End Public Square for events, artisans, festivals, etc.
  14. In an era of Pandemic fear and anxiety, social unrest, racial injustice and inequity, political polarization and upheaval, information overload and immobilizing skepticism, does anyone or should anyone care about Litter!? Well, I do. And not just litter pick-up, but rather, prevention. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cured.” Again, in an age of confederate monuments coming down, and some people lamenting a striking blow to heritage, why not our landscapes and local ecosystems as new heritage hallmarks...why not a heritage we can all get behind and celebrate...regardless or color, creed or bank account balance. From our public parks to our roadsides to our interstate interchanges, let’s discuss ways to prevent this strewn-about nuisance, LITTER!
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