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  1. The plans I saw had retail on College side B1 level, and Level 1 (2nd level on College side). Per those B1 is smaller spot nestled by the parking ramps, and Lvl 1 is wider, and double height. Nothing was well detailed so unsure on specifics.
  2. Would the 1938 aerials have what you need? These seem to be the images that might contain the area you mention 13-210, 13-212, 14-17, 14-19 (edit: 13-214 might have closest coverage) https://library.unc.edu/data/gis-usda/wake/1938
  3. Correct. European roads are also designed quite differently than US ones. It takes more concentration to drive as lanes are narrower, etc. My wife is from Sweden so we've spent a lot of time driving around to visit family & friends over there. I'm always in awe of their road design, and wish the US could copy some of their design principles.
  4. I know some of the backend "drama" to this job and can say it's amazing it's going up as fast as it is (be that speed hilariously slow)
  5. Yup! The recent ped bridge projects in Columbia & Winston-Salem (post bid), and Greenville, South (under design) all have 8 to 12' "screening" to prevent just that. I'm hopeful given the design shown in the renderings the screening will be non-obtrusive on this one
  6. This right here. I work more with aluminum than steel. Mills are rationing supply of aluminum and generally the auto manufactures get top priority as they are buying high grade aluminum. Building product manufactures are lower on the chart and have to do with the limited supply. The biggest constraint we are facing is the labor shortage. It's quickly headed to crisis levels. I can personally attest some building product factories are operating with half their normal staffing levels. In the past 4 months we've seen lead times go from 6-8 weeks to 12-14 weeks. It's creating a mess for onsite job progress.
  7. If memory serves me correct I think that is a quadplex. Very good example of historic "missing middle housing". The neighborhoods around UNCG & NC State have a bunch of these old homes that are broken up into 3-6 units. UNCG area has a good handful of stacked fourplex buildings
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