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  1. I wasn't aware of the plan but it makes sense. I wonder if there will be a lot of re-tracking that needs to be done?
  2. The first floor of the garage is open to the public, but you have to pay through an app.
  3. I would obviously prefer an urban Target any day but I'm trying to be realistic for Orlando.
  4. You laugh but I personally think a 7-Eleven would work well with the college students in the area. Red Bull, cheap beer, and garbage food? Seems like a perfect match.
  5. KnightBay


    Welp, the Florida Supreme Court just ruled against the All For Transportation sales tax today which means they ruled against the will of the people in favor of the governmental leadership. Sad day for the State.
  6. KnightBay


    The money being collected in Hillsborough can't legally be touched yet. It's being held up by an insane rural Republican commissioner's lawsuit. Literally hundreds of millions of dollars just sitting in escrow.
  7. I hear this comment a lot. My response is always the same, do something about it. If you see a void, open up a business and enrich your life and the lives around you.
  8. Have you been to Armature Works in Tampa? People drive from all around the region to eat there. Few people live within walking distance but it is constantly packed.
  9. Completely agree. I think what upsets me the most about this, is all of the lost jobs at the Crossroads at the cost of an extremely minimal traffic reduction benefit. Selfishly, the Crossroads was also a nice option for grabbing a quick and cheap meal nearby the parks without having to pay ridiculous mouse tax.
  10. This is very anecdotal, but I have not experienced that bad of traffic backups on I4 at 535 (heading west), especially not bad enough to justify a $200 million eminent domain purchase. The Champions Gate exit on the other hand? I would be okay with spending $12 billion to finally fix that nonsense.
  11. I am not on this website all that often but when I do visit, it seems like the usual suspects derail every thread to be about some argument about retail (not enough, the wrong type, or wishful thinking) but more frustratingly how much better downtown Orlando was in its glory years or heyday and how Buddy is the directly responsible for the downfall of Rome.
  12. That rings a bell and makes sense. Thanks!
  13. I was on Reddit and I saw this recent aerial view of downtown Orlando and I saw what looks to be a pretty significant project under construction behind City View Apartments. I'm obviously out of the loop but does anyone know what is going up there?
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