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  1. What exactly is the $15 million supposed to fund? More studies? That amount of money won’t build much.
  2. I was there pre covid and it seemed a lot busier than it is now. A lot more online classes are offered now.
  3. Wow, that's a really nice perspective.
  4. You must be a realtor. You write like a Zillow ad.
  5. You can't plant Oaks close to infrastructure. They have a complex root system that will tear up the sidewalk over time.
  6. Keeping that Amelia Street bend was a great move.
  7. Hot take, but I really like and prefer the new Winn Dixie concept over Publix.
  8. Honestly, how much louder would the occasional passenger train be compared to the 24/7 noise of the 417? Not to mention all of the pollution from the 417. Also, they complained about dust, really?!
  9. I have nothing against Lake Nona and I hope it is very successful but I don't understand all of the praise that it receives. Lake Nona today is a half baked concept but it receives immense amounts of praise based on potential. True, it has tremendous potential but a lot of areas have great potential. Will it come into fruition? I don't know, maybe. Also, Orlando's Silicon Valley? Come on, let's come back down to reality a little bit here. Paying tolls on the 417 is the same experience as I4? You will sit in traffic on both but at least on I4 you have the option of not paying for tolls. You make it sound like only the 417 has access to Disney while I4 doesn't? What? According to Google Maps just now, Lake Nona is only 7 minutes closer to Cocoa Beach than it is from Downtown Orlando. Again, Lake Nona is a great neighborhood but some of these posts that try to sell it as the next urban utopia go a little too far into dreamland for me. Edit: I totally missed the art DNA in Lake Nona. Sure, LN has a disco dog, a fancy parking garage, and a wall with painted wings on it for the Gram. Is that all it takes to have artistic DNA nowadays?
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