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  1. Keeping that Amelia Street bend was a great move.
  2. Honestly, how much louder would the occasional passenger train be compared to the 24/7 noise of the 417? Not to mention all of the pollution from the 417. Also, they complained about dust, really?!
  3. I have nothing against Lake Nona and I hope it is very successful but I don't understand all of the praise that it receives. Lake Nona today is a half baked concept but it receives immense amounts of praise based on potential. True, it has tremendous potential but a lot of areas have great potential. Will it come into fruition? I don't know, maybe. Also, Orlando's Silicon Valley? Come on, let's come back down to reality a little bit here. Paying tolls on the 417 is the same experience as I4? You will sit in traffic on both but at least on I4 you have the option of not paying for tolls. Y
  4. My biggest gripe with the possibility of living in Lake Nona is the complete and utter reliance on toll roads to get anywhere outside of the LN bubble. What really annoys me is that despite having to pay expensive tolls, you still have to endure nasty traffic. I'll never get over having to pay a premium to sit in bumper to bumper traffic.
  5. I wouldn't mind the node setup so much if they were better connected with transit. It's not too late but they better hurry.
  6. I hope you are seeking help to get those doggie issues sorted out. Life is too short...
  7. Oh okay, thanks. I assumed they were private, so that doesn't really help.
  8. That's fair, I completely forgot about the dog park behind Crescent Central but I was under the impression that it is not open to the public, just to residents. I could be wrong about that. I have no idea where the dog park is located at Skyhouse. I've walked by there and never noticed anything so please let me know where this one is hiding.
  9. There is apparently a lot of hostility towards pets in Orlando. I guess I now understand why the city is falling so far behind other urban metros when it comes to dog parks. Now to address your comments. 1. No one said that EVERY park in Orlando should be a dog park. However, there should be a higher percentage of dog parks in the urban core compared to more rural areas. Hopefully the reason is obvious and I don't need to go into further detail as to why. 2. Just walk three blocks to another park? What kind of logic is that? Why have more than 1 park in downtown for anyone th
  10. Okay, thank you... I wasn't sure if it was a current reoccurring event, a cancelled event (COVID related maybe), or some other type of local retail or service? Apologies for asking for clarification.
  11. Really looking forward to seeing how this fills out the skyline. Should be a fun project to watch.
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