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  1. Has the property where Asian Corner Mall sold already? Wasn’t aware of this… Incredibly disheartening to see.
  2. Oh wow, that’s all really cool info. You seem to know a lot about Charlotte’s theaters, were you around for Cinema Blue by Eastway Dr?
  3. Did this tower ever get officially canceled? Would’ve been cool to see go up but I don’t think it was ever going to actually happen…
  4. I believe someone shared this a while back. Not sure how accurate it is though.
  5. This is incredibly disappointing. Asian Square Mall has been such an important part of the area and it’s heartbreaking to know that it’s days are limited. One of the few places in the city that still managed to capture a post industrialist cultural aesthetic. Disappointing to see all the proposed developments as low rises compared to what Flywheel had put up as well. Also what’s up with all the surface level parking?
  6. This is the one destroying the fenced buildings too right? Truly an abomination.
  7. Any idea for when we may see the glass panels on top fully in place? Feels like we’ve seen it in this state for months.
  8. Actually, the developer doesn’t have any current high rises. Will be interesting to see how they do their first one. However, for their State Street development in CT, they integrated part of the older building into the development! Curious to see if they may try to do the same.
  9. Incredibly exciting news! Here’s to hoping for other developers to follow and for more residential uptown. Any ideas on the height?
  10. What’s the possibility of having those V shaped lines that go up the building light up at night? It would be a killer lighting scheme…
  11. Itching to see what it’ll look like next to the Riverside development…
  12. Kind of sad to see that it won’t have any interesting night time lighting. Very excited to see it get built, it’ll work incredibly well with the Riverside buildings.
  13. I love that they include what appears to be the rail trail bridge and the completed new DEC in the background.
  14. I hope that we get more towers around jt though, I wouldn’t want our skyline to be so fragmented like Atlanta’s. One thing I’ve loved about Charlotte’s skyline is how unified it’s all been, with the gaps being filled in these past few years. Very excited to see the skyline expand though!
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