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  1. Do we know what the lighting scheme for this tower will be like? I’m hoping for something along the sides like the current DEC.
  2. Absolutely jealous of your backyard! Looks incredibly homely!
  3. On a separate note, do we know if CATS is partnering with Arrival? I’m quite fond of the look for their busses and would hope to see them around Charlotte.
  4. Do we have any idea of what the lighting structure will be for the tower? Possibly along the lines of the DEC? I hope it has the same vertical lighting that both the DEC and Truist have as it will definitely help our skyline pop.
  5. Absolutely love this shot!! By far my favorite view of our skyline, I think its the only view that gives us an accurate representation of all our main towers.
  6. Incredibly excited, this is already my favorite view from Uptown, having it even be better? Sounds fantastic. I hope that whatever they put there reaches the height of the Ally building!
  7. Agreed, there is much needed development that would be better suited uptown.
  8. This is actually good news for me as I loved the utopian-syle artworks found in subway systems LOL
  9. Drove through Charlotte the other day and honestly this has become one of my favorite towers. The white/blue it has going on works so well with the other buildings around it. The whole Legacy Union area stands out so nicely and I hope this trend continues throughout Charlotte.
  10. May I ask what building this is? Thank you.
  11. Woah, where was this taken? I love the colors in this, they remind me of the Hong Kong skyline photos or older NYC photography. Great shot!
  12. Oh yeah that's hot Glad to see more visible progress, here's to hoping more will get done by the end of the year.
  13. This really is all I want. One can dream...
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