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  1. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2022/09/29/spandrel-development-partners-land-sale-apartments.html I don't subscribe so can't read the content. But this seems significant?
  2. Be glad to snap a pic as I pass it daily. Not really much to be seen yet though. As you stated, just a little dirt has been moved around.
  3. My guess would be like how they do it at the music factory. Which my wife got a $75 ticket at lastnight. She hadn't been paying or validating on her volleyball nights and they finally caught her. They just have signs up at each spot that direct you to an app for payment.
  4. Rocky River is one of the best public courses around! Please don't suggest getting rid of it!
  5. I live close by and enjoy being able to walk there.
  6. New townhomes being added to the Brightwalk community that is adjacent to Campnorthend. 96 units, sales to begin next summer. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce6WwhtO8i9/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  7. Really bummed I'm gonna miss this! Have to teach a class at the climbing gym tonight. Just did my daily walk around Campnorthend and there are so many neat details coming together everywhere you look!
  8. https://charlotte.axios.com/297066/scoop-noda-company-canteen-expands-with-permanent-camp-north-end-spot/ Noda Company Store/Canteen expanding into a permanent space at Campnorthend. Taking over the Raceway building which is just opposite the water tower in the boileryard!
  9. Great pictures across all the threads today! Thanks!
  10. How old do you think this picture is that WSOC-TV is using as their thumbnail for this article? Pretty sad.
  11. It says 1 acre outdoor area and mentions a playground! Maybe it isnt pictured but that should be a pretty decent size beirgarten.
  12. On my most recent lap around the perimeter of CNE I did a count of how many trees they have planted. They have done 3 of the 4 sides surrounding the development(Woodward, n. Graham and Sylvania) with the last stretch(Statesville) left being one of the longest and already counted 120. They were also replanting all the giant movable wooden planters that have a tree as the center piece. I wonder what the total will be once the whole 76 acres is developed.
  13. Bestco used to be one of my customers before I went full time Dad. They seemed like a great company that had a cool history. I always loved going down the menthol cough drop line, always opened up the sinuses. I knew this expansion was coming but wasn't aware it was that large. They did merge with another "nutraceutical" company not to long back that I believe was also their biggest competitor at the time. They were based out of California so it was definitely cheaper for them to move any and all operations this direction.
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