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  1. Awesome throwback. Love how eight of those towers are doing their own thing stylistically.
  2. This is freaking awesome (excuse my French)!!!! Love the design AND the location RIGHT NEXT TO 40!!!!! Love, love, love this! Stylish projects like this that are prominently placed for folk passing by to see help raise the city's profile, IMO. Love this.
  3. Rant alert... As modest as the skyline is in this shot, look at the variety represented. The slender, tall box that is Snodgrass. The shorter Sheraton with the UFO disc on top. The Stouffer with its slender, rectangular box. The curves/angles of City Center. The open framing roof and cantilevered(?) design of the Polk tower. The stair-stepped setbacks and steepled roof of 5/3. The unique styling of L&C. The roundness and sloping top of R2D2. The concrete and glass stylings and twin spires of Bell South. The elegant stateliness of Pinnacle. The Viridian even found a way to look a little different. Seriously, almost every tower brought something different and stimulating to the eye. And now, for the most part, it's just box after box after box. Sigh... I get that developers and companies are more cost focused now, so it's not an apples to apples comparison. Just venting as a skyscraper and skyline enthusiast.
  4. I actually like what they did with that wall, especially considering it will be blocked one day. And soon, I hope, because that will mean another tower has been built!
  5. Thanks for this. After receiving the edition and reading it, I wasn't sure of how to make mention of it, yet I thought it was really noteworthy within this community, especially. Thanks @East Side Urbanite, really enjoyed it and so glad you wrote about this topic.
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