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  1. I hope the geographically protected sightlines at that location will help this one stay alive. Seems like a good investment to me even with Cumulus and 2&P. Of course, it's not my money.
  2. That shot of the W with the skyline in the background...c'est magnifique!!!!
  3. This one makes me long for Gulch Central. How sweet it would be to have that entire project as proposed, fill out this shot from Chris.
  4. Maybe even two towers...fi they're true towers and not just another squatty box. This photo also reflects that aspect of our projects as well just as this one from MyNashvillePhotos shows
  5. Too bad it's on such a hold. That's a sweet one.
  6. Agreed. And can't wait until two or three towers stand out above the rest.
  7. Just noticed that Google maps has been updated. It's still behind. but it shows a more realistic downtown area now.
  8. Thanks for that, Smeags. Excellent points and excellent adjusting of my perspective.
  9. Just curious as to why some of theses long time projects like Circle South, NY, Hensler, etc. have yet to start in earnest?
  10. What is that crane for...? Can't tell if it's for Embassy or not.
  11. Am I the only one seeing one or two cool little optical illusions? Which is taller and which is closer. I know if you study it, you can tell. Just a little fun!
  12. Curious as to why the continuous street wall, at the same relative height?
  13. It's a hole in a hole. Holey moley! Thank you, thank you...I'm here all the week!
  14. That magic eight ball is the man!!!! And I hope they come back with the exact same plan. That proposed tower was a thing of beauty IMO!
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