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  1. Bridgestone throwback! Stahlman (not sure if I spelled that correctly) Downtown living The Stouffer! The other MCC on Demonbreun! (Music City Canyon) New comes in all sizes... I'm a fan of City Center Early morning shot down Charlotte... May not boogie like it used to; still adds to the skyline After decades of solitude, you're finally getting some company! I'm still here...(objects in mirror are closer than they appear) The old and the new...
  2. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I wasn't a fan of Nissan's xTerra yet there were plenty on the roads. There's room on this planet for us all!
  3. I'm with Armacing, definitely hoping it will at least be 30 stories, whatever the design.
  4. Demonbreun canyon on the come! Gotta keep pace with Church! Let's go Broadway!
  5. Here are some random shots from around town... A2 shyly peeking above Asurion PA Portal... A view down Demonbreun (we see you, Batman)... Hotel trio... The stately one... 12th St. action...
  6. I've been meaning to ask about this. Why is there a Huntsville project thread?
  7. Titanhog, hush! To the UP community, three words...it wasn't me!
  8. Had to see my old girlfriend, of course. Don't tell Albion...
  9. Also visited Memphis over the weekend....two for one special! @markhollincould you or another admin move this post; meant to post it in the travel thread...sorry!
  10. Please pardon the shoddy image quality. Was really impressed by the views from inside Ascend... And the walk to Ascend!
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