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  1. Just going from memory, this entire project seemed to follow its render very closely. Nice job.
  2. Image from New York YIMBY Excavation began today for Brooklyn's 600' tall residential tower, The Brook.
  3. Thanks for this. List actually shows us at 114. Quality of services is 109.
  4. Couldn't really get around well, so my shot opportunities were limited. Visibility was really poor at a distance as well. Was disappointed I couldn't get close to the Lotte Tower. First two shots were from my room in the GH Seoul. You can see the faint silhouette of the Lotte Tower to the left. Number six in the world rankings Seoul Station (train hub) Seoul Tower Last two honor connections to our fair city...sister properties!
  5. I need them to hurry up and add some glass. I look at this and think one thing....monolithic box. Let me go see the render again to get past the mental block!
  6. Please no! I've been quiet about those residents. At this point though, I'm really questioning their motivation and thought process. With what they're spending in legal fees, couldn't they just move for less? I don't get it and I really would love to hear their rationale.
  7. The YMCA tower, Pinnacle, A3, circle projects, Centrum, and Congress Group projects will change this view from a skyline (to the right) with a tail (to the left) and really even out this angle...producing one impressive image.
  8. Couple more to show the residential towers. Added bonus for Titanhog…tall Haven! Previous two taken from Spacewalk
  9. I’m in Pohang, S. Korea for the week. Although a city of a half million, it doesn’t have a traditional skyline. It does have a LOT of hi-rise residential towers. Heading to Seoul Friday and will try to get some shots there. Here are a few random ones from Pohang. Above is the main library Rose garden above They have dedicated bike lanes away from the street A grouping of the residential towers. They have a lot
  10. Of course the Nationals are literally 35 minutes down I-95....
  11. I'm not a proponent of interstate caps, yet I think I've finally been won over. Let's cap the inner loop from five feet to the east of Haven to five feet to the west of it. And then, let's build two stylish mid-rise residential buildings on the cap. Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?
  12. Nashmoney's shots are sweet and they have my spidey-sense tingling about The Place and it's listed height of 433 feet. 26 residential floors on a parking pedestal? Consider my head scratched.
  13. So well said...and so true! Thanks so much to each of you!
  14. We have them here in DE in droves. When I first moved here, I'm like what kind of name is Wawa??? I've learned to respect them. They don't mess around and when they enter your market, competitors better roll up their sleeves...
  15. This one and Centrum will will provide a trifecta of sorts by extending the north-south skyline view, increase the massing of downtown, and add a different aesthetic. Super excited to see movement here.
  16. Whoever updated the Nashville Tallest page on Wikipedia, bravo! Well, at least with the images. 5/3 is back to being listed incorrectly at 490'. Great job with the images though.
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