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  1. On 6/16/2022 at 5:37 PM, Argo said:

    They say in the article that the court case delays are costly. I wonder how many more court cases this project and 2nd ave south will take before one or both throw in the towel.

    Please no!  I've been quiet about those residents.  At this point though, I'm really questioning their motivation and thought process.   With what they're spending in legal fees, couldn't they just move for less?  I don't get it and I really would love to hear their rationale.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Bos2Nash said:

    Damn! Reading that article almost makes me feel like John Angelos is the next Jeffrey Loria. Family disputes like this are always nasty, but it doesn't sound pretty. 

    Not that I wouldn't mind seeing my Red Sox come into town multiple times a year, losing the Orioles would be a huge loss to baseball (think the history of Camden Yards, Cal Ripkin Jr, etc.) and I don't really think the owners would approve such a move.

    Of course the Nationals are literally 35 minutes down I-95....

  3. 54 minutes ago, Baronakim said:

    Apologies, but your dream of "caps" only works effectively when both sides of the highway are elevated above the highway  as futher west between  Diviasion and Church.  The flyovers of the interchange and the much lower elevation south and east toward Fort Neegley does not work well with a "cap" concept.

    It wasn't a serious idea.  Just poking fun at Haven.

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  4. 16 hours ago, bnacincy said:

    I can speak from experience, you can leave Nashville but Nashville will never, ever leave you.  Aside from family this forum has been a vital connection for me and the hometown I very much love and miss.

    Thanks to everyone who makes this forum great!


    So well said...and so true!  Thanks so much to each of you!

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  5. We have them here in DE in droves.  When I first moved here, I'm like what kind of name is Wawa???  I've learned to respect them.  They don't mess around and when they enter your market, competitors better roll up their sleeves...

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  6. 4 minutes ago, smeagolsfree said:

    Brichar4 tries to keep it updated, but others come in and change it, so it is a little crazy like the folks that run Wiki. There is no rhyme  or reason in the way things are done there and we have had these conversations before. 

    He does a great job, but it is as good as the other crazy people allow!


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