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  1. I'm on record as not being a fan of either of these two IMO nondescript boxes. Yet Amazon seems to like it that way so. Just selfishly disappointed given their deep pockets. I'm sure they'd argue being nondescript aids in their success. Meanwhile, they definitely still add to the skyline so guess I'll take 'em.
  2. I'll say it one last time and then I'll let it go for good. Looking at these last shots are yet again making me wish this beauty had been built at least 150ft. taller...
  3. Nashville might benefit from an ordinance banning flat roofs on towers over 200ft...
  4. Will the third time be the charm in breaking the 700ft barrier? Will the Batman building finally be defeated? Will Smeags share more of his secrets???? Tune in next week...same Bat time, same Bat channel!
  5. Changed a lot since the Miami Vice days... What are the chances one or two developments show up on that surface lot across from the MCC?
  6. Man, I really enjoy those stadium shots that show the skyline stretching across the background. Who know, maybe one day it'll hop across the river????
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