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  1. And that's my frustration point. When I say stop giving us row boats and build a bridge. All the spending on studies and this and that could , in aggregate, could have been an investment in a true transit system. I quoted Ford before and I'll keep quoting him, if you need a machine and don't buy it, eventually you will have paid the cost and not have it.
  2. I like this angle. It will be quite the shot when NY and the circle projects are included.
  3. I don't disagree with your premise. And I also don't take issue with Luvemtall's desire for height. I share the disappointment and the desire to see good height before I no longer can. I think as long as we see examples like Devon Energy in OKC, Battlehouse (or whatever it's called) in Mobile, or the ones in Omaha and Des Moines...cities with googobs of land, yet also with taller structures than we have in Nashville, people like me will continue to hope in spite of the odds. @Luvemtallplease don't feel the need to apologize. We're all here because we share an enthusiasm for the same thing. We might differ in what looks good to one or the other, yet there's a tie that binds us all. You shared your opinion, your feelings. I certainly wasn't offended by your comments. To me, that's the beauty of this community. And I hope it continues in a way that everyone allows everyone else to have a different thought or take on a development and that be A-OK.
  4. Really disappointed that brand didn't do better than infill. My dream was we'd get one of their Marriott Marquis's. They tend to be tall (500'+ in both NYC and Atlanta). Shucks, the Marriott in Detroit is 700'. I know Nashville isn't NYC. Still though.. .https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/hotels/2014/01/08/americas-tallest-hotel-marriott-courtyard-residence-inn/4379341/ Oh well, can't win 'em all. We'll take it! Maybe if we can add a few more hotels, these RIDICULOUS (from one man's perspective) nightly rates might stop pretending to be gas prices on steroids!!!! Planning my next visit and I'm priced out of downtown for sure. I guess the W and I won't become an item after all.
  5. Nice! Was just there a few weekends ago for a golf trip. Got a chance to visit a couple nightlife spots including a rooftop bar downtown! Was a good time.
  6. What if... ...Capital View added a 25 story office building on top of that parking garage? ...HCA did the same? ...the lot at Rosa Parks and Charlotte gave Snodgrass two new playmates: a 30-story office tower in the northwest corner and a matching 20-story hotel that arced around it? ...the lot at Charlotte and 4th and the one at US Hwy 31 and 3rd are developed into 30-story, sister residential towers? ...the lot at 11th and Broadway birthed a 525' mixed use tower with office, hotel, and condos? ...a well-financed developer secures the 12th and Division lot and recycles the Buckingham design? ...the lot at KVB and S. 2nd became the site of the first high-rise tower on the East Bank? ...the lot at McGavock and 8th became a 35-story Mandarin Oriental Hotel & Spa? ...the parking lot at 6th and Demonbreun became a massive mixed used facility (like 5th & Broad), but with a high-end retail focus, two hotel brands, skybridges to both Bridgestone and MCC, and a 400' residential tower? ...the lot on 4th between Broadway and Symphony Place becomes a 700' neo-classic design beauty that helps close the visual gap between the primary CBD and SoBro?
  7. I keep asking myself why it's a pipe dream. Before anyone answers, what I'm asking myself is how do we get the decision makers to focus on how to make it work instead of reciting the reasons it won't...
  8. @Brichar4FYI: the wiki page shows the same project in two different lists under different names. "Amazon Tower 3" shows in the under construction list. "1001 Church" shows in the proposed list.
  9. I understand it's not simple and not an easy lift economically. Yet what is? Retrofit a system now. Yes, it's late. With every passing day it gets later. I really hope the opposition isn't based in "socioeconomics." Nashville please don't cut off your nose to spite your face... Apologies if this comment was better placed in the CH.
  10. The way many of you feel about Storyville is how I feel about this. IMO, it feels like an "innovative" idea that likely would have minimal, if any, positive impact on Nashville's traffic issues. Stop with the row boats across the Cumberland and build a bridge. (for the very literal, that was intended as a sarcastic analogy)
  11. Glad to have a decent infill project. Was wishfully hoping for more height given the location, yet knew that was a longshot given the parcel size. I'm officially in the underwhelmed group yet I do like that it will provide some visual variance.
  12. That is kind of my thought. Given the lot size and increased value, perhaps a new developer nabs it and puts something really nice and nice-sized there.
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