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  1. But don't you dare suggest mass transit...
  3. I briefly lived in Atlanta in the early nineties as many of those crowned and other non-flat roof beauties were coming online. I seem to recall there was a city ordinance passed prohibiting flat rooflines and I thought that was why it happened and not just because of the trend. Yet either way, the result is a skyline that's a thing of beauty IMO. To the point of value engineering/no longer willing to sink money into something that serves no purpose, I get it. I don't completely agree, yet I get it. To me, the concept of "curb appeal" applies . An attractive exterior including the roof, increases the probability a prospective client buys, just as the interior finishes do. Again, I get it. I'll interact more with the inside than the outside. You can say the same for the home you bought, yet how it looks outside tends to be a major factor in the decision. So if including a nice crown or rooftop design will draw them in, is that really a wasted cost? Beyond all that, investors will do what's required to MAKE MONEY. That's why I'm a proponent of a city ordinance. Don't allow it the continued value engineering and poor architecture to happen. The investors will come. That's a given. Let's make sure Nashville reaps a benefit as well.
  4. Looking for predictions by when the next non-flat roof project will be announced. What say you?
  5. This is a sharp building. Yet you know what I find most impressive from this render...the train swooshing past. Very sorry for your losses, @Binbin98and hoping you'll be kind to yourself as you come through the grief process.
  6. This shot takes me back to the mid-eighties and a million Saturday rides home from Rivergate...
  7. Given the rock upon which the Music City sits, would an elevated train system be feasible? Several cities do it that way effectively.
  8. Really hoping they go at least 600ft. Would provide a nice stepdown (or ramp up) point for the Cumulus and 2nd & Peabody projects to the south (when viewing the skyline from the east).
  9. Agreed on all points. And that shot panning from left to right over the circle had me salivating imaging what it would look like with those three circle projects in place. Just wow.
  10. This one...800 Lea...1001 Church...The Ritz...Pinnacle...and hopefully, Tishman... Like the Jeffersons back in the day, we're moving on up! Please, Nashville, green light them ALL.
  11. That's one of things I like about the proposed 800 Lea and Ritz projects...the way they pay homage to the circle.
  12. This image represents my dream view along Church in about four or five years...good Lord willing and the creek don't rise! An underrated thought IMO that the Y tower will add in addition to height is depth. It would help break up the "glass wall effect" that most of the NY renders previously showed. (sorry about double post; thought they'd merge)
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