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  1. I was on board a new stadium. Now seeing the renderings of this renovation makes it feel new and refreshing. Coming just in time with Liberty Park shaping up. The fairgrounds will definitely transform. I hope this includes seating as well
  2. If this becomes successful. Who knows, they may extend it this line, or plan for more.
  3. I saw this on IG. Video of Mata testing streetcars yesterday. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CdXZCm5g6xS/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  4. I would hate to lose some of that entertainment on Beale. If it goes foward, hopefully they plan to return in the new hotel.
  5. Glad it's official now. The comments on The Commercial Appeal Facebook page is crazy. Even other local news facebook pages. Sometimes "Memphians" can be so negative. I honestly don't see how they are saying it's a bad location. This one woman said that the area is run down and this will be too in no time?? I'm lost. I don't consider anything east of Quince, Winchester run down. Maybe my standards are different, but y'all should read them.
  6. Right. I understand they are trying to be smart with the limited amount of land they have left. At this point mixed-use is the best use unless they just want residential for the remaining.
  7. I wonder do suburbs and small towns in other metros have tight restrictions on apartments developing in their area. Germantown has taken a strong stance in the last few years about multi-family unless it's mixed use. Still, they have concerns when it comes to this project, it keeps getting turned down after modifications. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/news/local/suburbs/germantown/2022/03/27/viridian-development-germantown-multifamily-housing/7159374001/ *Edit... I meant to post this in the Greater Memphis areas thread. Sorry
  8. Originally maybe 2016-2017 we were supposed to have one. A few old articles was saying that they was searching for space close to Downtown. I believe if they were just open to areas outside of Downtown initially like now, it would of been here a few years already. Side note the ceo of TOPGOLF is from Memphis
  9. Will added units be apart of this? I'm only seeing renovations to the already existing units in those areas.
  10. Definitely about the residential. I forgot about the townhouses in planning. Yea this part of North Midtown/Binghamton are on the upswing. It will be interesting to see more things come along with the residential growth.
  11. I believe this area will be "discovered" by alot of Memphians soon. It's known because of the original Broadway pizza location and the other popular shops there, but it's not mainstream like Overton Square persay. It's usually crowded at weekend nights. These apartments will bring more attention.
  12. UPDATE: It's no longer going forward. Sad. It's ending before it started. Whoever have access, please infill what's the reason why and if there's any plans. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2022/03/04/mvp-3-studios-memphis-entertainment-complex-property-closed/9374547002/
  13. This is going to be near Perkins and Poplar. The lot that's behind Soul Fish. Glad to see East Memphis get more opportunities to use space to create midrise living. I still got my eye for what they'll announce for the old racquet club.
  14. Successfully hosting All Star weekend should help Memphis tourism. Memphis still have alot of potential to fill in that department. We haven't peaked yet when it comes to comparison with other cities with known entertainment districts and party/club culture in their Downtowns with constant action going. Downtown bringing in more high end hotels will set the tone and opportunities for more people to "discover" Memphis, and bring more options around.
  15. The paywall is blocking it. Can you touch on some points they made, or copy and paste it?
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