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  1. This article reeks of someone who has not been around long enough to know the nuance behind why these concepts failed, and has no grasp on what is actually being planned by Tepper https://twitter.com/CLTdevelopment/status/1418676449964400643?s=20
  2. Actually... Jason and I are consulting on this endeavor and have been on calls with the City and Center City Partners. This is on their radar, and we are looking for a city sanction, funding for place making, and hope to set up a Business Association to fund marketing, enhancements, etc. We are also pushing for weekly shut downs of the street to automobiles.
  3. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/charlottefive/c5-worklife/article236140483.html They didn't kill it, I got people to show up en masse in support. It was approved, the only reason it hasn't been built is the anchor fell through due to COVID.
  4. So I wasn't going to address the "it looks too much like DEC" comments, but really, it has a lot of differences. For one, it doesn't have the stark white edging that defines DEC. It has the darker glass chamfered edges and the center glass panel that breaks up the glass curtain. It also has bright white mullions. Yes the glass is the same, but truly its a very different building.
  5. Just y'all mother fudging wait for what's "coming soon."
  6. 609 toward tryon, 618 from college. When complete it'll look significantly different from the Power Tower I'm not sure what the "PC crowd" has to do with this. It'll be a long time before we see a building over 50 floors again. The economics don't support it, developers in Charlotte have no need to build a tower that tall.
  7. So what this person says is indeed true, however, I must mention that this person is not in any way affiliated with CLT Development LLC a company I own and is registered.
  8. Its all one parking deck, just built two ways. The front half was built as pour in place so that it could bear the weight of the office tower, the back half was built precast because its significantly cheaper and doesn't need to bear the load of a tower. It remains to be seen but there are 2nd and 3rd phases of the design center planned.
  9. I was told Late August top off and Late January it'd be glassed in. It will transition to structural steel for the "decorative element"
  10. When things are done not for profit, they take time. sometimes lots of time. show up for more meet ups ;-)
  11. That's an outdoor covered patio ringing retail space.
  12. I have it on good authority that all three hotels that are currently stalled in construction phase will restart by fall/winter. This includes Intercontinental, Homewood Suites and a new flag at Stonewall Station. No word on Moxy.
  13. Not to mention they are required by the state to take the lowest offer, which isn't always the best offer.
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