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  1. The building was named Gama Goat by ATCO, because thats what was manufactured there, so while yes it was all one building, it wasn't called Gama Goat until after it was split up.
  2. 1st Qtr 2022 is around when the tower will pick back up. The project is leveraged toward an air right sale making it viable, a hotel will be built, just won't be this year or next.
  3. Actually this is not Gama Goat. This is the building just beyond Keswick from Gama Goat.
  4. its all as market necessitates. I designed this graphic so, as drawn from bottom to top the dark blue is Class A office and office, then multifamily, and a future redo of 301 Camp. Top right from right to left is multifamily, townhouses, office, and more multifamily.
  5. prefab affordable housing would never ever ever pass state housing regulations, this is why we are losing Hall House
  6. You just have PTSD at this point from what you see from your bedroom
  7. I have a very large very old live oak in my front yard.
  8. I believe this one will transition to steel too.
  9. Based on my research the oldest building on site is from 1972. There are two distinct structures that appear to be connected by the corrugated steel building in the center, one of which looks to be from the 70s and one of which looks to be much older, I just haven't found record of anything retained on site being older than 50 years.
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