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  1. I worked at the Amway for a while. That ramp was ROUGH. they poured money into it, but it's kinda like how they put in a new scoreboard at the Palace of Auburn Hills 3 years before they closed it. It's a temporary solution. How temporary, I don't know. AFAIK, there are no plans to replace it, but I'd have to imagine it's on their long term radar. And I'd have to imagine, with AHC wanting a stronger foothold in the city, they'll do more than just a ramp. Though! If the convention center hotel ever gets built, and if AHC runs it, what are the odds they build a new ramp for that? And could it be built for both hotels?
  2. I think you're going to start seeing this more. GR knows it needs to build up. It knows it needs more residential units downtown. But the current economics of it make it hard to build now. So I think you'll see ramps get built with air rights. From what I've heard, a ramp at the library would likely follow this. So projects built in phases.
  3. They are working on the lobby off Oakes as well. Looks to be progressing well. I'd imagine we will see the frame begin to pop up soonish. Pretty exciting.
  4. Same here. Though, it's somewhat tucked away and hard to see even from Fulton. I'd imagine a second floor mezzanine outside would raise visibility and make it more attractive to people who may forget it's there and not venture south of Fulton.
  5. Only one goes through. Left turn and right turn lanes are needed badly for that intersection
  6. My problem is every time I walk by, they are playing that "wagon wheel" pop country song and I hate pop country so much. I just assume it's that type of place.
  7. I live a driver, pitching wedge away from this. This is exciting!
  8. I got to be honest, I'm REALLY excited for this project. That's an underserved area and I hope that this could help jumpstart that corner and the nearby areas. I wish it was bigger (less studios, more multi room units) and thus, higher. But I'm nitpicking. Between this and studio park bookending that stretch, I hope it spurs more development.
  9. Nothing new. Wanted to get a picture down Market fron Wealthy so we can check back for the change once this happens.
  10. I mean, we are in a housing crunch. I guess ANYTHING at this point is a plus. Just feel like once the amphitheatre opens, that retail spot would have been found gold.
  11. Just found out the vacant retail space on the corner of Williams and Market is being turned into 7 apartment units.
  12. While shorter, I can confirm you can not see the lake from the roof of Plaza.
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