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  1. Man I hope they put in apartments or condos with balconies. It may sound stupid, but I think residential buildings with balconies in downtown make the streets so much more interactive
  2. Where did you hear this? This would be fantastic. I hope it's 15 to have a little variation between the other buildings nearby. Also, Subway is long gone too.
  3. I hope they plan on a project that can anchor that corner for people there. Mixed use with some good stores and shops would be great.
  4. Again, not great, but the stairwells/elevator shafts are going up fast. Furthest one is above the tree now.
  5. Breaking news: Witmark building will be demolished https://www.fox17online.com/news/local-news/kent/witmark-building-in-plainfield-twp-to-be-demolished
  6. I noticed a building was demolished on the SW corner of Division and Hall. Any idea if something is going in there?
  7. What project was this? And what corner would it have gone on?
  8. I hope this is a rough draft. I love the density there, but to have a street level presence like that is not good
  9. 4 story tower add on? Pfft. Should be 40! But seriously, this is awesome.
  10. Different view showing how this will interact with the area
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