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  1. Yeah someone pointed that out in the original thread. Apparently the McLaren dealer in SouthEnd is also a Koenigsegg and Rimac dealer, so that's likely where it came from.
  2. Reddit user pillz2billz caught some pictures of the Rimac Nevera in South End. $2 million dollar Croatian electric hypercar that is the fastest accelerating production car currently. I believe there are only going to be 150 made, so it's a super rarer find. https://www.reddit.com/r/Charlotte/comments/y2li6w/altima_break_rimac_nevera/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  3. Maybe that's why they haven't officially announced it yet. Some trains haven't been fully equipped.
  4. A damning article about another issue with how CATS is currently being managed. Operators and mechanics are saying CATS doesn't have enough working buses to fully meet the schedules so the issue isn't just driver absences. Charlotte’s broken buses: CATS mechanic says “I wouldn’t put my family on one of the buses.” (wbtv.com) That said, CATS disputes the employees claims saying they have enough buses to run all routes currently. They also mention supply chain issues have made maintenance and repairs take longer.
  5. Glad to hear the one project will be breaking ground soon. I think it'll be a really good addition for Matthews. Hopefully the old Shell lot gets redeveloped soon as well. I'd love to see some more retail with apartments/condos above like they did down the street from that lot. Matthews has been doing pretty good, from what I've seen, about adding a mix of retail and housing.
  6. The E-Transit is already in production. Though I'm sure they aren't able to meet the demand yet. https://www.ford.com/commercial-trucks/e-transit/
  7. Bummer. I was excited about the food hall since it was just around the corner from my office. I enjoyed Monday Night Brewing's beers back when I lived in Atlanta, so I guess it's not all a loss.
  8. As someone who lives near where the silver line would terminate, but works in south end... I kinda like the interlining option, but that's just for selfish reasons. Ultimately, I don't hate the idea of the silver line being broken into two parts, like it was a long time ago, but it does seem like the planning for this thing should be much further along.
  9. My friend has been teasing me about this project since he helped with the surveying work for it. Can't wait to see more details. Apparently the code names they use for the buildings are all from Back To the Future which I found funny.
  10. Back again! Last month's ride was a lot of fun with a big showing of around 200-300 people. I may not be able to make it out this month, but I highly recommend it if you're free. Here's a few of the pictures/videos I captured from the ride. 20220527_184725_Trim.mp4 20220527_190908.mp4
  11. Ah. I didn't know there is a history of this. That's problematic.
  12. It wasn't the HVAC systems for the trains themselves but for the substations serving the trains. So, supposedly, it was a fluke.
  13. Curious that it's just for the Gold Line right now and not the Blue Line.
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