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  1. Yes. A Toyota battery plant. The Charlotte Ledge article mentions it.
  2. Charlotte and Arrival announce a high voltage battery assembly plant off Yorkmount Road. $11.5 million investment that will create 150 new jobs. (Source: Joe Bruno Tweet) Good to see Arrival investing more in Charlotte. Can't wait to see their UPS vans and hopefully some of their buses on the roads. Edit: I found the arrival announcement, so I'll link that here too. https://arrival.com/us/en/news/arrival-announces-high-voltage-battery-module-assembly-plant-in-charlotte-nc
  3. I get how that's helpful for owners... but... How does that help fund the city and all the needed infrastructure? Locking in tax base would discourage growth while inflating the purchase value of the property (since having a low tax burden would mean it's more valuable to the owner), I would think. This doesn't seem like a good way to grow a city. The homestead exemption makes more sense to me since it helps out those who really need it, while not completely hampering the growth of the city's funds. I don't know if we should be looking to California for housing policy. It's not like the housing crisis is any better in California (in most CA cities it's much worse).
  4. That's why I said similar. In both cases as long as the consequences are low, it's a good marketing strategy that sells product so it'll keep happening.
  5. Looks like the rail trail bridge might get a little more plain looking...
  6. Similar to Bojangles store wrap marketing gimmick. I feel like the fines need to go up exponentially for every subsequent infraction if they actually want it to have teeth.
  7. This could be... uh... interesting. Joe Bruno Twitter: "If Madison Cawthorn runs for #NC13 and wins, he would represent part of Mecklenburg County #ncpol"
  8. My worry with the whole capping thing is that if it's capped, it'll never get removed. But a cap is better than nothing, and it'll probably never be removed.
  9. Here's the Med school thread. https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/topic/120661-atriumwake-forest-school-of-medicine/
  10. According to the Siemens fact sheet (page 18 here), the top speed for the gold line vehicles is 25 mph. Which seems super slow and other users said they saw the cars testing on the blue line at faster speeds, so my thought was that maybe the 25 limit is just on battery? Regardless, the streetcar might not be able to go much faster.
  11. I read that as the first building being delivered in 2024 and the site (with the other buildings) being finished by 2027. I might be wrong though.
  12. Well it was just the structure that was prefab, nothing else was. It was definitely a coordination fail though. The architect that was over the project was pretty green and a more senior architect that could better pull all the teams together didn't step in until the project was very far along.
  13. This gives me flashbacks of working on a Hyatt House project that was supposed to use prefab structure. It was a nightmare as far as the MEP design was considered. I'm sure it's faster and easier to construct and probably would be for designers too, if done right. Maybe it was just this prefab structural engineer or just the fact that it was the first time the architect had ever done a project like this.
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