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  1. Lol hey for what its worth I had slides planned, however, my photo angles were off and only had one time to capture the footage. Also if you look closely at the picture of the top of the building, you can see a reflection of Moscow in the windows. The rendering wasnt really to scale for Nashville, thats why they redrew the surrounding buildings from scratch. Well it looks like it could be Moscow but it sure isn't Nashville lol.
  2. For an area that was basically industrial, & commercial & only recently branded as neighborhood, not sure we can really draw hard lines lol. I don't even think the initial developer/owners expected this lol.
  3. That is a very large and conspicuous location to operate without permits...
  4. @smeagolsfreeyou are correct. The overlay is due to market conditions... contingencies on real estate transactions for the time to rezone are becoming more slim; going with a wholesale overlay vs multiple SPs will allow a developer(s) to close a lot quicker although its more expensive. We can trade info. Although you may know more than me. And... developers know Media in Nash is sophisticated and "on the prowl" they want to engage with the community before we find it and release to the public. I'm on a board so I've been told plans but try to respect their wishes and not share prematurely.
  5. @markhollin In case you wanted the pic without the text on it.
  6. Not really sure if I'm doing this right, but here's my 2 cents lol. When these types of developments are announced I tend to track where my international views are coming from on NashvilleNowNext. For instance, when the wavy tower renderings at KVB Circle were released, the NBJ made the statement that this opens doors for more costal developers looking to invest in Nashville. That was a weird thing for NBJ to state IMO, however, when I looked at my views of the article there was an uncharacteristically high number of views from Panama. So my 1st point is that this may have been released to the public but this may have only been intended for a few key people with actual skin in the game. The other point is that deals of this magnitude takes time. I think it's smart to keep the vision present and fresh and partnering with the 10th largest firm in the country. It may not mean that its eminent, but it's clear that there is interests out there. @smeagolsfree I participated lol.
  7. Just subscribe to NashvilleNowNext.com and you will get access! There's no charge for this issue. This first issue is digital only. I am working on people being able to get printed copies sent directly to them I don't have a publisher so it takes a while to get set up. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks, I'm glad you like the site! I haven't had a chance to spend as much time as I'd like to on UP, but MarkH has been really helpful in sharing the content. I'm pretty much a one man show, Coleman Gaines is a guest contributor and I am open to others who'd like to contribute as well. A lot of folks in the architecture & development community have really been helpful with getting me access to information but it is as tedious as it looks lol; especially with a day job. The site is kind of like Curbed which was one of my favorite sites, I honestly just post things in a way that tells the story with visuals primarily and fill in the blanks with easy subtext. I also hosted a similar site in DC called gatewaytothecitydc.com so I have a bit of experience with it.
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