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  1. agreed.. isn't there a saying/rule to give a new restaurant like a month after it opens? This may be one that might need some time to figure it all out
  2. Yea and they just started charging guests for parking in the garage... I have no idea where people will be expected to park. Guess you just have to take the sunrail and jump off at the Yard to get there.
  3. Looks like windows are going up
  4. This is awesome for downtown.. This, CSP2, Holocaust museum, and society are going to change downtown so much (and the Skyline). Lets just hope this and CSP2 get going soon!
  5. lol what... yall could complain about anything.
  6. mother nature will realize its way to tall to be an Orlando building and sent it far away!
  7. YIMBY article shows some more renderings. https://floridayimby.com/2021/09/35-story-church-street-phase-2-mixed-use-tower-set-to-rise-later-this-year-in-downtown-orlando.html
  8. Hahahaha that's great, thank god for visors!!
  9. Looks like they have one retail space leased to Ding Tea. https://www.dingtea.com/
  10. No its open, closed on Monday and Tuesday. Doesn't open till 4pm the rest of the week. That place is packed every night.
  11. Driving south(west) on i4 towards downtown this building looks great, it looks massive and its only at around 7 floors so far. Going to be a great a great addition to Advent city.
  12. They must have gotten tired of reading our complaints about creative village on this thread. I think we can take credit for this guys.
  13. Yea a lot of my friends who are in there early 20s live in either the Camden's, Citi tower, Modera or 55w. I think most of them really only stay around lake eola/thorton park unless they are going out at night or if they work in CBD. But I think now that radius, MAA Robinson and society are bringing more apartments in northern/central part of downtown there will be more action during the daytime in the CBD. And imagine if the Orlando Sentinel site actually sees some 'relatively creative' development. Like a grocery store, park, housing or retail... pretty much anything other than what it is now. That could really help boost the downtown action during the day.
  14. Anyone have an article or summary of the proposed Advent hotel? I've never heard about it.
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