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  1. Love the design and amount of ground level retail! It’s really nice tall infill for the area it’s in. Love the garage entrance being on the side road rather than the main frontage road. They did a great job with hiding the garage as well.
  2. The Paseo project will be very visible next to Albion from this angle! Gonna look very sharp.
  3. I can't wait for this one. The immediate impact it will have in those river skyline pictures of Nashville and expanding the skyline over will be so nice! And the ground level activation on this one is just so well done.
  4. I think I speak for everyone when I say that this development has far exceeded expectations and has grown tremendously from what it was at first. I love that the designs for the towers are actually unique, high quality, and on par with bigger cities that have the luxury of getting towers like this all of the time. Love the curve window cutouts on the new rest tower and the balconies on the new office tower. The historic buildings have also been integrated very well and this project is finally filling the void between the gulch and sobro on 8th in a really stunning way. Can't express my love for this project enough! If only the railroad tracks had passenger rail…maybe one day! Couldn't agree more @henburgthe ground level is another huge win with this project and is gonna be so much needed activation! Really well done.
  5. So will the hotel it’s replacing be integrated into the project or demoed? I assume demoed considering you said replaced but it just seems a bit surprising having such an imposing, seemingly historic building, be demoed instead of integrated somehow. I love the new building’s look though. The outdoor spaces created by the protruding boxes are quite nice and a welcome change from just a flat glass box.
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