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  1. It’s almost like a mini Hudson Yards with the angular shapes of these new buildings. Absolutely love it and I’m pumped that these (hopefully) will start by years end.
  2. Will these W’s be lit from behind or will they have no light at all? I would hope this kind of hotel would do some form of lighting for its logo.
  3. Finally hit 700,000+ though! Been waiting on that for a while now.
  4. The news report had Giarratana mention that parts of the sides of the building would have photovoltaic cells as part of the facade that would feed energy back into the building. Very impressive especially with it seemingly blending right in.
  5. Anyone know what the transportation options will be to it?
  6. IMO, a perfect example of how development can seamlessly integrate into the rock block while keeping all of its history.
  7. Assuming this actually happens, if the property behind this gets sold after this is under construction/built, would it be allowed to be developed with a high-rise considering there are actually windows on the western facade? I don’t really know how all of that works and I am very curious because if it’s not allowed that seems like an enormously missed opportunity.
  8. On that note, has anyone heard anything about the shake shack the airport is supposed to get?
  9. Love the low amount of parking spaces. Hopefully it will encourage most of the residents to leave their cars behind.
  10. This looks fantastic! The way they address the street as well as the curved portion as mentioned by downtownresident is all around just really well done. Definitely wasn’t expecting it to turn out this well but I’m glad it did!
  11. When Alcove and Prime are built to the right, this view will be even more killer!
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